Bowser's Block Battle

Bowser's Block Battle
Bowser's Block Battle.png
Bowser's Block Battle as shown in Mario Party 9.

Bowser's Block Battle is a Boss Minigame appearing in Mario Party 9. It is the final boss minigame you will encounter in Solo Mode. This Boss Minigame will always be played in the Bowser Station board map.

Bowser starts out by throwing 10 Dice Blocks onto the field. Each of the dice blocks have the players faces on some sides and Bowser's symbol on the remainding sides. Players must attack Bowser by throwing the dice and try to get it to land on their face. You have 10 seconds to keep throwing the Dice Blocks to get your face to appear on as many dice blocks as possible. Afterwards, each character(if your face is shown on any Dice Block) will damage Bowser and earn points corresponding to the amount of Dice Blocks your face appeared on. After everyone attacks, if Bowser's symbol is on the remainding blocks, he will attack by throwing three fireballs simulatenously for each dice that contains the Bowser symbol. The process will then repeat.

When Bowser's life bar reaches it's midpoint, he will grow larger. While the players are throwing the Dice Blocks within the time limit, he will tilt the playing field, making it difficult to grab the Dice Blocks due to them sliding around the field. If there are any remaining Dice Blocks with the Bowser symbol after everyone has attacked, he will shoot larger fireballs. He also gains one additional attack, in which he will roll a spiked Dice Block which consists of the previous bosses image on each side. If it lands on any boss, they will appear on the field and attack the players. You will lose one point for each time you're damaged by the past bosses that appears on the field. The following is what will occur with the spiked Dice Block:

  • Wiggler - He walks around the playing field damaging any player that touches it.
  • Big Bob-omb - He will appear on the field and cause Bob-ombs to fall on random areas of the playing field.
  • King Boo - He will summon two sets of 5 Boos, one moving in an expanding, clockwise circle, and the other set in an expanding counterclockwise circle.
  • Blooper - He will appear on the field and start throwing Urchins towards the players
  • Chain Chomp - He will appear on the field and start charging towards the players for a few seconds. The Chain Chomp will change direction once it hits a wall.
  • Bowser - He will shoot a few waves of large fireballs.

The player who obtains the most point will win the minigame and earn the most Mini Stars.

[edit] Controls

Hold The Wii Remote sideways. Press the Control Pad to move. Press 2 when close to the Dice Block to pick it up, and press it again to throw it.

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