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Here is a list of the bosses you will encounter in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and descriptions of how to defeat them:


[edit] Bosses


[edit] Bowser

  • Bowser: INFINITE! HP
  • Kinklink: 50 HP

This is the first fight in the game, and naturally it's also the easiest. Anyway, use Mario's 'Jump' move on Kinklink. (DON'T attack Bowser) After a couple of hits, the chain will break and the fight is over.

Hammer Bro.

[edit] Hammer Bros

  • Hammer Bros (2): 50 HP each

Another easy fight. Use Mario's 'Jump' move twice on the first Hammer Bro to defeat him. Now use two more jumps on the second Hammer Bro, then finish him off with timed physical attacks. Another battle in the books.


[edit] Croco

  • Croco: 320 HP

Note: It's best to get Mario to Level 3 for this boss battle so you can use his 'Fire Orb' attack, which makes the fight very easy. If, however, you're still on Level 2, read below:

Make sure you have some Honey Syrup before this fight. Start the fight by using Mario's 'Jump' on Croco. Now use Mallow's 'Thunderbolt'. Watch out! Croco's 'bomb' attack could cost you a huge 25 HP! He usually throws it at Mario, so when Mario's HP is low, make Mallow use a mushroom on him. When you run out of Flower Points, Mallow should use a Honey Syrup. Keep using 'Jump' with Mario (or physical attack when FP is done) and healing with Mallow until you win. Now, get that Frog Coin back!


[edit] Mack

  • Mack: 480 HP
  • Bodyguards: 30 HP each

Note: It's best to to kill all the 'Shysters' that are holding people hostage in the Mushroom Kingdom first before entering this boss battle. You get Flower Tabs and Coins as rewards, and also gain XP. Get to Level 4 at least, and also stock up on Pick Me Ups and Honey Syrups.

Heh, now this is the first real boss in the game. Start it off by using Mario's 'Jump' on Mack. Now use Mallow's 'Thunderbolt'. If you're leveled up enough, the thunderbolt should take out all the bodyguards, if not, do it again. Repeat this combination a couple of times. (Mallow should heal when needed) Halfway in the fight, Mack will jump out of sight. Kill all of the bodyguards to make him re-appear. Simply keep attacking him with Jump and Thunderbolt, and he'll be defeated. Congratulations, you got the first star! Now, head out to Kero Sewers!


[edit] Belome

  • Belome: 500 HP

Note: It's best to equip Mario with the 'Trueform Pin' before entering this battle. Belome likes to turn Mario into a scarecrow, but he can't with this pin equipped.

After finding your way through The oddly clean Kero Sewer, you still have to make it through a battle with the infamous Belome! At least this battle is pretty easy. Belome is super weak to Mario's 'Jump' attack, so keep using that (or 'Super Jump' if you have it). He's also weak to electricity, so use Mallow's 'thunderbolt' and heal when needed. Halfway through, Belome will swallow Mallow. Just keep attacking with Mario's Jump or Super Jump, and eventually you'll defeat him.


[edit] Bowyer

  • Bowyer: 720 HP

Here's a fairly tough battle for you. (make sure you have MANY Pick-Me-Ups and mushrooms) Here's what you got to do: use Mario's 'Jump' (or Super Jump if you have it), use physical attacks with Geno (trust me, even unarmed, Geno will deal upwards of 30 damage each time), and heal with mushrooms/pick-me-ups with Mallow. After the first turn, Bowyer will take away a button that you can't use anymore. Pretty annoying, but try to keep the strategy above the best you can. (keeping Jumping with Mario, punching with Geno, and healing with Mallow) Eventually, you'll win.

[edit] Croco 2

  • Croco: 750 HP

This battle shouldn't be too hard if you follow my strategy. Use physical attacks with Mario (punch glove) and Geno (finger shot). As for Mallow, keep healing with mushrooms. (not HP rain yet). Try to keep your Flower Points up, because halfway through the fight, Croco steals all your items. When he does, your only chance of healing is Mallow's HP Rain. At this point, use timed physical attacks with Mario and Geno (his 'finger shot' works wonders against Croco), and HP Rain with Mallow. Repeat until you win.


[edit] Punchinello

  • Punchinello: 1200 HP
  • Microbomb: 30 HP
  • Bomb-omb: 90 HP
  • Mezzo Bomb: 150 HP

Note: Make sure you are equipped with these weapons: Mario's 'Punch Glove', Geno's 'Finger Shot', and Mallow's 'Cymbal', because this fight is very physical.

This is a pretty easy fight. Anyway, start off with timed physical attacks with Mario and Geno on Punchinello. Mallow's 'thunderbolt' will take out all the microbombs at once, so use that for now. Keep following the combination of Punch, Shot, and Thunderbolt, and heal with Mallow when needed, and you'll beat him. Then, he'll summon a huge Bob-omb! Isn't that just wonderful?


[edit] Booster

  • Booster: 800 HP
  • Snifits (3): 200 HP each

Note: this battle only occurs if you lose the Curtain Game inside Booster Tower. To defeat him, use Mallow's thunderbolt, Mario's super jump, and Geno's geno beam. Easy stuff. But still, watch out for trains. If not blocked, this will REALLY hurt.

Knife Guy

[edit] Knife Guy & Grate Guy

  • Grate Guy: 900 HP
  • Knife Guy: 700 HP

Follow this strategy, and you won't have a problem: (Mario, Bowser, Mallow) You need to focus on Knife Guy first. Knife Guy is very weak against fire, so Mario should use Super Flame (or Fire Orb), followed by Bowser's physical Chain Chomp move. Mallow should stick with healing for now. Once Knife Guy is defeated, the strategy switches to all physical. Use Mario's physical attack (Masher or Punch), Bowser's physical 'Chomp' attack (SUPER EFFECTIVE!), and Mallow's physical 'Cymbal' attack. (if you have Shocker, use that, it's super effective as well)


[edit] Bundt

  • Chief Torte and Apprentice: 100 HP each
  • Bundt: destroy the 6 candles, then 900 HP

Start this fight by physically attacking the cake, yes that's right, the cake. Eventually, the cake will start to move, which will scare off the chefs. Now begins the real fight. Your main mission is to blow out all the candles. The cake regenerates one candle per turn, so you must have at least two (or three) characters attacking it at once. Stick with physical attacks, because it doesn't matter right now. Once you blow out all the candles, you have to fight the bottom piece of cake, called Raspberry. (which only has 600 HP) Now you can use the highly effective Super Jump with Mario, and physically attack with Bowser. As always, keep healing with Mallow, and you'll easily win.

King Calamari

[edit] King Calamari

  • Tentacles (3): 200 HP & 260 HP
  • King Calamari: 800 HP

This is a very hectic battle. Have Mario, Bowser, and Geno in your party. At first, just keep using timed physical attacks with everyone to kill off the two sets of tentacles. Heal with Geno as needed. Once King Calamari appears, try killing off the two tentacles first, then focus your attacks on King Calamari. Mario's Super Flame is very effective here. (and so is the Super Jump if you know how to time it right) Keep doing this, and healing with Geno, and the battle will be over.


[edit] Johnny

  • Johnny: 820 HP
  • Bandanna Blues (4): 150 HP each

Note: There are two different ways of beating Johnny, depending on who your 3rd party member is.

Mario, Bowser, Toadstool: The first thing I want you to do is use Toadstool's 'Sleepy Time' attack to put everyone to sleep. Now, you should physically attack and kill 3 of the 4 bandanna blues. (keep one alive, trust me) Now, you can start attacking Johnny. (once again, leave the one bandanna blue alive) Keep physically attacking Johnny with Mario and Bowser, and heal with Toadstool when needed. Keep doing this, and you'll be victorious.

Mario, Bowser, Mallow: First, you should physically attack and kill 3 of the 4 bandanna blues. (keep one alive, trust me) Now, you can start attacking Johnny. Mallow's 'Shocker' is SUPER effective against Johnny, as he's weak against lightning. As for Mario and Bowser, their physical attacks work best against Johnny. So, keep using Shocker with Mallow, physically attacking with Mario and Bowser, and heal when needed. Keep doing this, and you'll be victorious.


[edit] Yaridovich

  • Yaridovich: 1500 HP
  • Mirage: 500 HP

Note: This IS the hardest boss fight in the game, so make sure you stock up on alot of mid-mushrooms and pick-me-ups. Also, have some maple syrups. Trust me, you'll need them.

Have Mario, Bowser, and Mallow in your party. Use physical attacks (Super Hammer) with Mario, which will do about 45 damage when timed right, and for this battle, Mario is also going to be used as a healer. Use physical attacks (Hurly Gloves) with Bowser, which will do a whopping 100 damage when timed right. As for Mallow, keep using his "Shocker" magic attack, which will do about 90 damage.

Always keep healing because most of Yardovich's attacks deal upwards of 50 damage to every party member. (brutal!) Eventually, Yaridovich will use his Mirage attack to split into two. If you used a physical attack before the Mirage, the real Yaridovich will automatically be selected. If not, you could tell the difference quickly. (the real boss has far more physical defense than the fake one)

Keep attacking the real Yaridovich with the Shocker/PhysAttack/Heal strategy, and eventually you'll win. (hopefully) Also, beware of Water Blast. Just... Just trust me on this one.

[edit] Belome 2

  • Belome 2: 1200 HP

It's time to fight Belome again! Make sure you have Mario, Bowser, and Mallow in your party now. (equip Mallow with the 'Wake Up Pin' if you have it) Belome is very weak against Jump attacks and Lightning attacks. So, keep attacking with Mario's 'Ultra Jump' (or Super Jump), and Mallow's 'Shocker'. Eventually, Belome will clone one of your characters. (usually Mallow) No big deal, just ignore the clone, and focus all your attacks on Belome. Keep Jumping with Mario, Lightning with Mallow, and timed physical attacks with Bowser, and eventually Belome will be defeated. Now you can take out the clones and end the battle.

[edit] Jagger and Jinx

  • Jagger: 600 HP
  • Jinx 1: 600 HP
  • Jinx 2: 800 HP
  • Jinx 3: 1000 HP

I have no idea its weakness just use geno, toadstool and Mario with the lazy shell, heal with toadstool, boost the attack for Mario and use the lazy shell


[edit] Megasmilax

  • Smilaxes (6): 200 HP each
  • Megasmilax: 1000 HP

This battle is fairly easy. Have Mario, Mallow, and Toadstool in your party. Defeat the first Smilax with timed physical attacks. Now, there will be two smilaxes. Defeat them again with physical attacks. Now, there will be three smilaxes. Use Mallow's 'Snowy' magic attack, and physical attacks from Mario and Toadstool. Now comes the real boss: Megasmilax. For Mario: use timed physical attacks, for Mallow: use 'Snowy', and for Toadstool: use 'Group Hug' and mushrooms. Mallow's Snowy attack is VERY effective, so make sure you use it.


[edit] Birdo

  • Shelly: 500 HP
  • Birdo: 777 HP
  • Eggberts: 10 HP each

Okay, get ready for a very complicated fight. Have Mario, Bowser, and Mallow in your party. Start off by physically attacking the shell until it breaks open and reveals Birdo. For the first round of attacks, make everyone attack Birdo physically. Birdo has a VERY high defense, so physical and magic attacks do almost no damage. Now, for your next turn, make all three characters go into Defense mode. Birdo will shoot an Eggbert at one of your characters, which, when timed right (by pressing B button), will bounce off your charcter and land in the nest beside Birdo. Now is your chance to physically attack the Eggbert, which will then blow up and deal around 80 damage to Birdo each time. Repeat this defense/attack Eggbert/heal pattern, and eventually you'll win and receive Castle Key 2.


[edit] Valentina & Dodo

  • Dodo: 1000 HP
  • Valentina: 2000 HP

This is very important: before this fight, buy a 'Spiked Link' for Bowser, and place Bowser in the middle space of your party. (Mario, Bowser, Toadstool) Dodo will start things off by taking your middle party member (Bowser), and having a one-on-one fight with him. Use Bowser's 'Poison Gas' to weaken it's defense, then physically attack with the 'Spiked Link'. After you defeat Dodo, the fight will go back to Mario & Toadstool vs. Valentina. Use physical attacks with Mario and Toadstool until Bowser comes back, then you should use Mario's 'Ultra Jump' (or Super Jump), attack physically with Bowser, and HEAL with Toadstool. HEAL!! Always HEAL!!

Czar Dragon

[edit] Czar Dragon/Zombone

  • Czar Dragon: 1400 HP
  • Zombone: 1800 HP

Have a party of Mario, Bowser, and Mallow for this battle. For the first part of the battle against Czar Dragon: if you have the 'Lazy Shell' physical attack for Mario, use it. If not, use Mario's 'Ultra Jump'. Then, use physical attacks with Bowser and heal with Mallow. For the second part of the battle against Zombone: Mario's Lazy Shell is extremely effective, if you don't have it just use 'Ultra Jump'. For Bowser his physical attack works great as always. Mallow can be used to heal or to use any Pure Water/Fright Bomb items if you have them, which inflict Zombone with some heavy damage.

Axem Rangers

[edit] Axem Rangers

  • Axem Pink: 400 HP
  • Axem Black: 550 HP
  • Axem Red: 800 HP
  • Axem Yellow: 600 HP
  • Axem Green: 450 HP

Note: By now, you should have the Lazy Shell weapon and armor, and the Rare Scarf. Your party should be: Mario (Lazy Shell weapon), Bowser, and Mallow. (Lazy Shell armor and Rare Scarf)

Here is the order in which you must defeat the Axem Rangers:

Pink: Use Physical attacks, Mario's Lazy Shell = 100+ damage each time.
Black: Use Mallow's Shocker = 100+ damage each time.
Green: Use Physical attacks, Mario's Lazy Shell = 300+ damage each time.

At this point, keep using Mario's 'Ultra Jump' until you defeat Yellow. It will deal around 200 damage to Yellow and 100 damage to Red each time you use it.

Yellow: Use Mario's Ultra Jump = 200+ damage.
Red: Use Physical attacks to finish him off, Mario's Lazy Shell = 240 damage each time.

Aha! The fight isn't over yet. Now Axem Red will jump on top of his Breaker Beam, which has 999HP. The Breaker Beam's only attack deals 150 damage to your whole party, except Mallow. (because he's equipped with the LS armor and Rare Scarf, it only deals 8 damage to him) At this point, keep using Mario's physical Lazy Shell attack, which deals 200+ damage each time. Keep healing with Mallow, and eventually you'll win. Congrats, you got the 6th star.

[edit] Magikoopa

  • HP: 1600 HP


[edit] Boomer

  • Red/Blue Boomer: 2000 HP

Easy fight.
Attack him with Physical attacks when he is blue, and Magic attacks when he is red. Heal with Mallow, and you should win easily.


[edit] Exor

  • Exor HP:1800
  • Right Eye HP:500
  • Left Eye HP:300
  • Mouth/Neosquid HP:800


This is a bug. Have geno and any other members. Attack the left eye and when it's hurt, use geno whirl which will do 9999 damage.

[edit] Count Down/Ding-A-Ling

  • Countdown: 2400 HP
  • Ding-A-Ling: 1200 HP x two

Attack a lot. I mean it

[edit] Cloaker, Domino, Earth Link

  • Cloaker: 1200 HP
  • Domino: 900 HP
  • Earth Link: 1500 HP

[edit] Clerk

  • HP: 500 HP

[edit] Manager

  • HP: 800 HP

[edit] Director

  • HP: 1000 HP

[edit] Gunyolk and Chief

  • Gunyolk: 1500 HP
  • Chief: 1000 HP

[edit] Smithy

  • Smelter: 1500 HP
  • Smithy 1: 2000 HP
  • Smithy 2:
    • Body: 1000 HP
    • Chest Head: 8000 HP
    • Head: 8000 HP
    • Magic Head: 8000 HP
    • Safe Head: 8000 HP
    • Tank Head: 8000 HP

[edit] Optional Boss

[edit] Culex

  • Culex HP:4096
  • Fire Crystal HP:2500
  • Water Crystal HP:1800
  • Earth Crystal HP:3200
  • Wind Crystal HP:800

The recommended team is Mario, Mallow and Bowser. Make sure you're at least level 22 and have a lot of Elixirs or Megalixirs, a couple of Crystallines and Power Blasts, and eventually the Lazy Shell armor which is recommended to equip on Bowser. Try using Jump attacks against the Wind Crystal and Fire attacks on the Water Crystal. Mallow can spam Star Rain or use Shocker on the Earth Crystal, as it's weak to it. Bowser can just hit Culex on the physical side with either Spiked Link or Drill Claw, or use Rock Candies if he has the Lazy Shell armour. Do watch out for Culex's Shredder, as that attack will remove your defense and attack boosts. Do not underestimate this boss at all, because it's the toughest in the game.

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