Boo Away Orb

Boo Away Orb

Boo Away Orb as it appears in Mario Party 6.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 6
Effect Mario Party 6- Protection Orb that shields the holder of this Orb from one Pink Boo attack. It will be used automatically when the holder is the target of an attack. Only available on the Towering Treetop and Castaway Bay board maps.
Coin Cost 10 coins(Mario Party 6
Rarity Common

The Boo Away Orb made its one and only appearance in Mario Party 6. It costs 10 coins to buy from an Orb Shop which makes it a fairly common item in the game. This is a Protection Orb that can't be used manually. When the holder of this Orb is the target of a Pink Boo attack, this Orb will activate automatically and shine a bright flashlight to scare away Pink Boo, stopping the attack on the owner's coins or stars. Since this Orb can only work if Pink Boo attacks you, it only appears on the board maps. Towering Treetop and Castaway Bay, that Pink Boo appears on.

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