Boo's Horror Castle

Boo's Horror Castle
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Overview of Boo's Horror Castle board map

Game board is in Mario Party 9
Theme Castle
Availability Available at the start

The Boo's Horror Castle is a stage found in Mario Party 9 that is available from the start of the game. Players will start this board on a vehicle that looks like a magic carpet and it looks like the Captain is holding onto a lantern at the front of the vehicle. The mid-boss of this board in Solo Mode is a giant Dry Bones that will be fought on a small fort on a flat tower at the side of the castle. At the Bowser Gate, the players will face off against King Boo in Solo Mode at the highest tower of this castle.

At the beginning of the board, the players will start at the outside of the castle. They will begin by riding up the steps before entering the front door. After moving a few spaces into the room, the Boo in the portrait will pop out and follow after the players. The Boo will move three spaces after each players turn and if the Captain is in range, the Boo will take half of their Mini Stars before disappearing. The players will encounter a few more Boos through this first room of the Castle before they exit to the left of the chamber and emerge on a walkway that will take the players to the mid-boss fortress of the board. After defeating the mid-boss(Dry Bones in Solo), an ethereal blue trail will appear from the remains of the fortress. This trail will allow the player to reenter the castle again and continue on with the board.

In the next area of the castle, the players will encounter more Boos and have to pass through more rooms of the castle. They will again exit the castle onto another glowing trail that will take them to the top of the castle. On the roof, the Bowser Gate will be sealed and can only be opened when the Captain rolls a number equal or higher to what the number is displayed on the gate. If they fail to breach the gate, they will have to go around the roof again to have another chance. Each time they go around, the number on the gate will decrease by 2. On the roof, there will be five Bowser Spaces and two Boos that will make the roof a bit annoying to travel on. But once the players have broken through the Bowser Gate, they will ride up the final path to the tallest tower of the castle where the stage boss(King Boo in Solo) is awaiting for them.

The characters will start on this board with the Flying Carpet vehicle. They can unlock the Float Mattress and the Boo Blanket in the Museum for 200 Party Points each.

[edit] Scaredy Rat Race

When the Captain of the vehicle lands on the Captain Event Space, a Scaredy Rat will appear in a small room and steals two, three or four Mini Stars from each player depending on how many players there are. The Scaredy Rat will start five spaces ahead of the players and will use a 1-2-3 Dice Block to try and escape from the players. This room will have a few Dash Spaces that can be used and the players will use a standard 1-6 Dice Block to try and catch the Rat. The Captain will decide on which player will roll and if the player catches the Scaredy Rat, they will earn all of the stolen Mini Stars and end the Event. If the Scaredy Rat makes it to the end of the room, it will escape with all of the Mini Stars.

[edit] Dry Bones Boss Battle

In Solo Mode, the players will face a giant Dry Bones in the mini game Deck Dry Bones at the mid-boss fortress. Players will need to memorize the color and symbols that appear on the cards as they are flip face-down. The Dry Bones will then land on a platform and the players will need to choose the correct card with the correct color that the Dry Bones is on to deal damage to the Dry Bones and earn three points for each hit. After Dry Bones has reach orange health, he will summon more platforms and make guessing the correct color, even more difficult. He will also add more cards with some having his face on them. If these cards are chosen, the players will be hit by a bone and cause them to lose a point. Dry Bones will also start to swap rows or columns of cards once they are flipped over to try and confuse the player.

[edit] King Boo Boss Battle

King Boo would be battled in the minigame King Boo's Puzzle Attack in Solo Mode after the players reach the end of the board. Players will need to line up three or more images that are the same power-up. These items will fly at King Boo after being lined up and deal damage to the King Boo. Players will gain a point for each power-up that is fired at him and if there are extra images then the line will deal more damage(e.g. four Green Shells will give the player four points). If a player lines up three Lightning Bolts, then they will release a powerful attack that will give that player ten points and remove three points from each player.

After his health drops to under half, he will send Boos to attack the players and try to cause distractions by chasing their players' markers. When the Boo catches the player's marker, they will cause it to freeze and the player will need to shake the Wii Remote until they break out of it. The Boos can also be dispelled by lining up the Lightning Bolt attack, though King Boo will just immediately replace them.

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