Boo as seen in Mario Tennis Open
Species Boo
Role Enemy
Playable Character
Relations King Boo
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 2
Latest Appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Boo is an enemy and character in a lot of Mario games. He sometimes helps Mario, but can sometimes be on Bowser's side. Boo is afraid of anyone, so if you look at him, he hides in the shadows. In Mario Kart, he is a medium weight character, but King Boo is a heavy weight character. He is also in nearly every Mario game, ranging anywhere from a back ground character to being a playable character, such as in the Mario Party Series.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] Super Mario Bros. 3


They would be first introduced in the series in Super Mario Bros. 3. They would be referred to as "Boo" Diddleys in this game though they would become just Boo in later games. It will shield its face when Mario or Luigi are facing the Boo. When they look away, the Boos will chase after them. They cannot be defeated unless the Mario Bros. are wearing the Hammer Suit, Koopa Shell, Tanooki Suit, or with a Starman.

[edit] Super Mario World

Super Mario World would introduce Ghost Houses that contain many Boos. They would retain their attack pattern from Super Mario Bros. 3, though they will make faces at Mario and Luigi when they are not looking. Super Mario World would also introduce Boo Buddy Block, Boo Buddy Snake, Boo Buddy Swarm, Circling Boo Buddies, Eeries, and Disappearing Boo Buddies. As well Big Boo and Fishin' Boo would be introduced in this game.

[edit] Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

Boos would have their own course in Super Mario 64 called Big Boo's Haunt. In the Castles Garden can be found a group of Boos(eight containing Red Coins in the DS version). The player needs twelve Power Stars (fifteen in the DS version) to gain access to the course after going through a cage that a larger Boo drops. Mario will have to fight the Big Boo three times on this course. When Mario looks at the Boos, they become transparent but will chase him when he's not staring at him. They can be defeated by a punch, kick from behind and will drop usually a Blue Coin though the ones in the Gardens will only drop a regular Coin. Though a Ground Pound will also work.

Super Mario 64 DS would have Mario find a Luigi painting that will take him to the Big Boo Battle level on the balcony. Mario will have to battle King Boo though Mario can only see him from looking in the mirror. He's incorrectly called Big Boo. Hitting him three times, will defeat King Boo and unlock Luigi for play. Yoshi cannot defeat the Boos in the game even with Ground Pounds and other attacks. Yoshi will spit them out when he attempts to eat them.

[edit] Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Boos would not appear in the original Super Mario Bros. but would appear in the remake Super Mario Bros. Deluxe as the main enemy for "You VS. Boo" mode. The objective for this mode is to reach the flagpole before Boo does. After defeating them a certain amount of times, it will fly away and a Green Boo will take its place. After the Green Boo is the Red Boo, then the Black Boo. Each Boo is faster than the one before it.

[edit] Super Mario Sunshine

They would terrorize the residents of Hotel Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine. They could be defeated by a squirt from F.L.U.D.D. or by being jumped on or being eaten by Yoshi. They will try to hide themself by looking like coins. Hotel Delfino would feature flipping floor tiles, a magic painting and a flipping bookcase. At the bottom of the Casino is King Boo, and Mario would battle it. To defeat the King Boo, he will have Chili being thrown at it and then a piece of fruit. Doing this three times will defeat King Boo. Boo can also transform into [{Shadow Mario]] as a disguise. Red Boo would also appear in this game and be used to make a platform after being sprayed by F.L.U.D.D. Sleepy Boos could also be found in the hotel though they are there to block the way and can only be removed by Yoshi eating them.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros.


Boos could be found in the Ghost Houses of New Super Mario Bros.. Scattered throughout the game, Boos would take on the same shape as they normally do. They can be defeated by a Shell, Starman or the Mega Mushroom. This game would also introduce the Balloon Boo enemy that can suck up air and become bigger. Broozer the boxing ghost would also make its first appearance in the game.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

Boos make a common appearance in New Super Mario Bros. 2 with his actions being the same as the previous games. However if Mario hits a Gold Ring it will turn the Boos to gold and they will float away from Mario, leavening a trail of coins.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy

Boos would appear in the Ghostly Galaxy, Bigmouth Galaxy, Deep Dark Galaxy, and the Sand Spiral Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. They could only be defeated by being brought under a ray of light and not by anything else. If Mario performs a Spin attack, it will throw the Boo around Mario, knocking it of course. When Mario is using the Boo Suit, Boos will be attractive to him and follow him around. If he is hit while in the Boo Suit, he will not lose any health. Boos can also be found underwater and attack by swimming back and forth, only damaging Mario if they hit. They could be defeated by the light from the Koopa Shell.

The Spooky Speedster can be found in two parts of the game as Mario will need to race him twice to win a Power Star. He can be found once on Ghostly Galaxy and again in Boo's Boneyard Galaxy. Bomb Boo would make its first appearance in the game. It is a black Boo with yellow eyes that can be grabbed by its tongue via Mario's spin attack. Spinning attack will make it be thrown into statues or enemies and explode upon impact. If held onto for too long, it will explode on Mario.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

3-Ghost Housensmbwii.PNG

They would return in New Super Mario Bros. Wii in the ghost houses. They would act similar to that of the ones in New Super Mario Bros. and be invincible unless the player has a Star. Big Boos would make an appearance as well with Broozers. Circling Boo Buddies could be found in occasional ghost houses. On the overworld map, a single Boo will be watching over Mario and taunt him when he enters. When Mario gets toss out, the Boo will laugh at him but when the level is clear, he will cover his face and disappear.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy 2

Boos could be found in the Haunty Halls Galaxy and Boo Moon Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They could also be found in underwater galaxies like Battle Belt Galaxy and Slimy Spring Galaxy. Bomb Boos and Big Boos would return in this game as well.

[edit] Super Mario 3D Land

Boos would return in Super Mario 3D Land. They could be mainly found in the Ghost House levels of the game and retain their regular battle strategy by chasing after Mario or Luigi when they are looking away from the Boo. They will temporary disappear from a fireball from Fire Mario or Boomerang from Boomerang Mario. Tail Boos would also appear in the game and act much like a regular Boo. They will stop moving when Mario looks at them but swing their tails at least once. Big Boos would also make an appearance in the game.

[edit] The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Boos would make a few appearances in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. They would work for Bowser and help him out for causing trouble. This could be seen in the episode "Reign Storm" where they would terrorize the new Mushroom Shopping Mall. They would be referred as 'Boodidlies'.

[edit] Super Mario World TV Series

In the Super Mario World Television Series, they would have a new design and appear in "Ghosts 'R' Us", where they would chase Yoshi through Wizardheimer's Haunted House, "The Night Before Cave Christmas", and when Yoshi sees one, he runs of screaming. In The Yoshi Shuffle, they would be found in the audience of the show.

[edit] Super Mario Adventures

A horde of Boos would attack Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Adventures. They would trick the plumbers into going into a haunted house by Bowser and the Koopalings. The plumbers would be trapped by the Boos and the Big Boo, though Mario and Luigi would keep them at bay by looking at them. Mario would race to a room and drag Luigi with him. The Boos would find Mario dressed as a psychiatrist with Luigi as his nurse. They would manage to reform the Boos and learn about them being bullied in their youth and why they act like they do. They would be last seen waving happily to Mario and Luigi. Some Boos could also be seen at Boos wedding.

[edit] Super Mario-Kun

The Boos would make a few appearances in the Super Mario-Kun comics. They would be on the cover of the sixteenth issue which is based on Super Mario 64. [{Eyerok]], Bob-omb, and Bowser would also appear in this comic and retain their roles from Super Mario 64. Lady Bow would appear in a later comics that are based on Paper Mario as well as appear on the cover of the twenty-fifth issue with Mario's partners. She would return for the cover of issue twenty-seventh and appear in the same role as she does in the game. Boo Mario would appear on the cover for the Super Mario Galaxy issue.

[edit] Nintendo Adventure Books

[edit] Koopa Capers

Boos would be the enemies of the Koopa Capers fourth issue. They would use their original name, "Boo Diddly" and try to attack Luigi alongside other enemies.

[edit] Dinosaur Dilemma

Dinosaur Dilemma would be the seventh title of the Nintendo Adventure Books where the Boows would be part of the puzzle.

[edit] Flown the Koopa

They would be a piece of the puzzle in Flown the Koopa though not many enemies appear in the puzzle.

[edit] Mario and the Incredible Rescue

Boos could be found in Mario and the Incredible Rescue. A Boo from Mario Kart: Super Circuit and another Boo from Luigi's Mansion would appear on the cover. They would be known simply as "ghosts". They would capture Princess Peach and take her back to Bowser's Castle. Mario would see a vision of peach being surrounded by Six Boos. Mario would defeat them at the end of the book by casting a spell on them.

[edit] Mario Kart Series

[edit] Super Mario Kart

Boos would first make their introduction the Mario Kart Series in Super Mario Kart. They would appear on the Ghost Valley 1, Ghost Valley 2, and Ghost Valley 3. During the race, when a player drives by them, they will laugh at the player. They would also be an item called "Ghosts" in which they will allow the player to become transparent temporarily and steal an item from one of the opposing players.

[edit] Mario Kart 64

They would return in Mario Kart 64 as an item. The Boo would select a racer with the best item and steal it. It will also allow the player to turn invisible for a short period of time and allow them to pass through other racers. They would also appear on the track Banshee Boardwalk.

[edit] Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart: Super Circuit would see them return as items once more but instead of stealing items, they will slow down the racer that is in first place. They would appear in Boo Lake, Broken Pier, Ghost Valley 1, Ghost Valley 2, and Ghost Valley 3. In Boo Lake, they will hold candles to guide players through the track, while in Broken Pier, they will attack players.

[edit] Mario Kart Arcade GP

They would appear as items in Mario Kart Arcade GP. They would cause a racer to slow down temporarily when hit.

[edit] Mario Kart DS

In Mario Kart DS, they would appear on the Luigi's Mansion track and Banshee Boardwalk from Mario Kart 64. They would not effect the players but just laugh as they pass by. They would return as an item as well.

[edit] Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

They would return in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2. They would slow down players once more like they did in the previous Arcade GP.

[edit] Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii would mark the first time that Boos would not be an item but it would also be the first time that a Boo would be playable in the form of King Boo. They would also appear in the retro course Ghost Valley 2, where they will laugh when a player drives by them.

[edit] Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 would only see Boos appear on the Luigi's Mansion track. Unlike in Mario Kart Wii, King Boo would not be playable in this game.

[edit] Mario Baseball Series

Boo Batting

They would first appear in Mario Superstar Baseball as the starter for Wario's team. Boo is tied with Peach for pitching, only worse than Waluigi and Bowser. It's special running and field move would be the Super Jump.

They would return in Mario Super Sluggers as part of Wario's team again and only unlocked by finding them in between boxes and completing its challenge in Wario City. He has the highest pitch in the game with Peach with a 9/10, but the other stats are average to low. He has good chemistry with King Boo, Shy Guy, Majikoopa, and blooper. Though its chemistry with Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi are bad.

The Mini Boo item would be introduced in this game. It will make the ball turn invisible for a short period of time and when its used against a NPC, they will stop moving until the Boos go away.

[edit] Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins


Boos could be found on Pumpkin Zone in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. They could be defeated by a Green Shell and a new sub-species would be introduced called Terekuribos. They are undead Goombas.

[edit] Hotel Mario

They would appear in Hotel Mario under the name Boo Buddies. The game would have two types of Boos, one would stay visible, and won't hurt Mario until it is transparent. The other Boo will use the traditional method and turn invisible when looked at, but attack when he turns around.

[edit] Yakuman DS

Boos would be one of the opponents in Yakuman DS. They cannot be unlocked or playable as they are opponents from the start.

[edit] Tetris DS

They would be a multiplayer item in Tetris DS. Boos would block the opponents sight when a block is coming and make it harder for the player to see it. They would not appear in the single player mode.

[edit] Yoshi Series

[edit] Yoshi

Boo from Yoshi.

Boos would appear in Yoshi as enemies for the A Type part of the game and the B part. They would only make appearances in parts of the game. Their sprite would be the one from Super Mario Bros. 3.

[edit] Yoshi's Cookie

Yoshi's Cookie would find Boos as one of the easy opponents in the game. Fishin' Boo would also make an appearance in the game.

[edit] Yoshi's Safari

They would be enemies in Yoshi's Safari in the Ghost Mansion, a level in the Dark Realm. The Big Boo would be the boss for the level and Yoshi has to shoot them with the Super Scope.

[edit] Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Boos would be antagonists to Yoshi in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. They could first be found in World 2 as underlings for Kamek. Kamek would turn one of the Boos into Bigger Boo, whole will grow bigger each time it is hit by an egg. The boss of World 2 is Roger the Potted Ghost.Roger is made into a giant and transform into a living creature. Boo Blah would also be introduced in this game and can only be defeated by looking away and making an egg bounce off a wall.

[edit] Yoshi's Story

Yoshi Story

Boos would appear on Stage 6-3: Ghost Castle in Yoshi's Story. They would be slightly bigger in this game then other games though a normal Boo would be called Big Boo. The Ghost Castle would also see the Boo Block, Blindfold Boo, and others. Yoshi Sewers would also have a blue boo variant called a Boo Buddy.

[edit] Yoshi's Universal Gravitation

They would be a rare enemy in Yoshi's Universal Gravitation. Only appearing in four missions, they will use the same tactics as other games though they are in 3-D and use a normal laugh.

[edit] Yoshi's Island DS

Boos would return in Yoshi's Island DS as common enemies in castles. Working for Kamek, they will attack like past Boos but only be defeated after Yoshi turns away and bounces an egg off the wall. Hector the Reflector would be a mid boss in the game.

[edit] Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
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Boos would return under the name "The Big Boo" in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. In Japan, the name would be "Teresa". Boos in the game would hide behind there arms when Mario looks at them, though some will teleport around the room and try to scare Mario. They could be first encountered in Kero Sewers. In battle, they are usually joined by Hobgoblins and Shadows. They have no physical defense so it makes them an easy target to defeat though their high evasion will make up for their defense. They will use the lightning magic, Lightning Orb and Bolt, they can also use Scream, which will cut one of its opponents attack and defense in half. If they are using a regular attack, they will float towards the character and make a face as they attack. A Big Boo does appear in Bowser's Terrorize attack.

[edit] Mario Party Series

[edit] Mario Party

Crazy Cutters

Boos would only make a minor appearances in Mario Party. First, their voice would be used from one of the items: the Talking Parrot. They would appear on each board of the game except Peach's Birthday Cake. When a player passes by them, the player is allow to steal coins for free or steal stars for fifty coins. If the player says no, the Boo will tell them to not feel guilty. Ha ha ha! A Boo would appear at the end of Luigi's Engine Room with the runner-ups. The Boo would one of the shapes for the player to cut out in Crazy Cutter.

[edit] Mario Party 2

Day at the Races

Boo would have more roles in Mario Party 2. Like Mario Party, they would steal coins for five coins or stars for fifty coins. The Boo Bell would also be introduced in this game. When this item is used, it will ring for Boo to come to the player and they can steal coins or stars. The opponent is allowed to try and fight off the Boo by pressing A quickly. Boo can only steal up to a max of 30 coins and one star.

Boo would appear in the battle minigame, Day at the Races. Alongside Whomp, Thwomp, and Bob-omb, they player will choose this to win the race. Boo is able to disappear and then reappear a few feet in front on the track though it can get its face stuck in the ground occasionally.

[edit] Mario Party 3

Boo in Curtain Call.

Boo would return in the same role as past games where he will steal coins or stars. He would also be a Duel Partner for the Duel Mode. It would be partnered with Yoshi and can counter an attackers move for the same amount of damage. On Waluigi's Island, when a player runs into Boo, Boo will give them a choice of two paths. One of these paths are rigged and if the player picks the rigged path, they go back to the start. If they pick the right path, they continue on. They would appear on Chilly Waters, Deep Bloober Sea, Spiny Desert, Woody Woods, and Creep Cavern. On the board map, the Boo would appear on the grave. They would also appear in the mini games Curtain Call, Stacked Deck, Three Door Monty, and Crowd Cover.

[edit] Mario Party 4

Sorcerer Boo

Boo's would be the host for Boo's Haunted Bash in Mario Party 4. This Boo would have a wizard's cape and will give the player a star when they reach Boo. Boos will also appear in the background for this board. Another Boo will take care of the Item Shop, while another owns the Mystery Train, but will only give a ride when the Red Boo is not present in the Boneyard. Two Boos own the Boo House, which allows the player to steal stars and coins. The Crystal Ball would have the same effect as the Boo house. There would be two sidegames that require the Boos to use a Mini Mushroom. One will have a player press one of the keys on the Horn of Penalty to get one of the randomly chosen items. The other will have a character on a piano. They would have to hit the right key to the end the sidegame to get a certain amount of coins. The Question Mark Space will activate the Boo Clock. If three player lands on the clock, then the Big Boo will appear and target all players instead of one. Boo will also be the fourth host for the Reversal of Fortune, who will take a look on what is given. This would also be the first game where Boo is a playable character in the Mario Party series. He is an unlockable character for the stage, Beach Volley Folley. They would appear on other boards, Toad's Midway Madness, Koopa's Seaside Soiree, Goomba's Greedy Gala, Shy Guy's Jungle Jam, and Bowser's Gnarly Party where they can be used to steal coins or stars from other players.

[edit] Mario Party 5

Mario Party 5 would be the first time in the Mario Party Series that Boo is one of the playable characters in Party Mode. Boo is one of the unlockable characters in the game and Koopa Kid's partner. It would not make any other appearances in the game.

[edit] Mario Party 6

Boo would return as one of the default playable characters in Mario Party 6. This game would also introduce the Boo Away Orb, which protects the user from the Red Boo. They would also appear in the minigame Boo'd off the Stage and appear on the Towering Treetop and Castaway Bay board maps.

[edit] Mario Party Advance

Boo would be a supporting character in Mario Party Advance. They could be see in the minigame Boo-Bye, where Boos would appear with Red Boos and Blue Boos.

They could be seen in the Boo Cemetery as the main characters of the True-Blue Boo quest. This quest would involve their golden Boo statue being stolen and they suspect that one of the Boos did it. The player has to find out which one of the four our fake. The fake Boo would reveal himself as Koopa Kid before leaving. The player would be rewarded with a Gaddget Predictotron.

They could be found in the Horror Condo in the Condo of Mystery! quest. This quest would involve a Snifit saying that the condo isn't haunted and the player needs to ask the Boos to haunt it. The Boos would tell the player that they had forgotten to haunt the condo and will do so.

[edit] Mario Party 7

Boo and Dry Bones.

Boos would return again in Mario Party 7 as a playable character. Dry Bones would be his partner in this game. Red Boos would return in this game in the minigames Ghost in the Hall where they will try to scare the players.

[edit] Mario Party 8

Official art

Boo would be partnered up with Dry Bones in Mario Party 8 as playable characters. Red Boos would make a return in the minigames like Boo-ting Gallery. King Boo would make its first appearance as the host for King Boo's Haunted Hideaway. For the player to get a star, they need to find the room King Boo is in and give him ten coins to get the Star. Two of the three rooms contains a trap hole. If the player goes into a trap room, they will be thrown back to the start of the board. If the player gets the star, King Boo will rearrange the rooms.

[edit] Mario Party DS

Boo would not be a playable character or part of the board play. But he could be one of the unlockable figures in the game, as well as appear in Boo Tag and Peek-a-Boo. In Peek-a-Boo, the player has to find the wanted Boo. Many Boos would appear on screen in outfits and several of the wanted Boos will appear before they start to leave and when they are gone, the game is over. The team with the most Boos wins. Boo Tag would see a Boo tag a player and the tagged player needs to try to get rid of the Boo by running into another player.

[edit] Mario Party 9

Boo in Mario Party 9.

King Boo would return in Mario Party 9 as the boos of the board Boo's Horror Castle. They would also be seen on the board. Boos can chase the player on the board and they can roll a dice. If they hit the captain player, they will lose Mini Stars.

[edit] Mario Tennis Series

[edit] Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)


Boo would be a tricky character in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64. It is one of the default characters in the game and not have a court named after them.

[edit] Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)

Boo would briefly appear in Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Color as part of the audience.

[edit] Mario Power Tennis

Boo would one of the playable characters in Mario Power Tennis. After Boo wins his championship, Mario and Luigi will go to give him the trophy but he will be missing. They will look around before the trophy starts floating and Boo appears under it. Then they start to float as a group of Boos appear in the air and start to fly around. The main Boo would fly up to the screen and hold the trophy as he taunts by waving its racket as it laughs. His power shot is the Boo Blast and its defensive power shot is the Boo Brigade Return.

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

Boo is one of the available player characters in Mario Tennis Open. He would be a tricky type character in the game and players could unlock his equipment to put on their Mii characters. A Boo costume could be unlock after the shop has 100 available items to purchase.

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