Bomb Boo

Bomb Boo
Art work of a Bomb Boo
Species Boo
Ally Bowser, Koopa Troop
Debut Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Latest Appearance Super Mario Galaxy

Bomb Boos are a black species of Boo with yellow eyes like a Bob-omb, they also have yellow teethe. They are the same size as normal Boos and will blow up on contact with Mario. However their main purpose is to serve as a weapon for Mario. If Mario uses his spin move on one nearby he will grabe it's tongue and swing it around like a lasso. He can then use it to destroy statues and other things which he swings it at. Players must be careful however because if held onto for to long it will swing in toward Mario which will damage him if it makes contact. Bomb Boos play a large role in Mario's battle with Bouldergeist, Mario uses the Bomb Boos to damage him.

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