Bob-omb Derby

Bob-omb Derby

Wario ready to take a swing in the Bob-omb Derby.

Game(s) Mini-Game is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Objective Hit as many Home-Runs as you can
Hosting Stadium Mario Stadium

The Bob-omb Derby is a Mini-Game from Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. The Mini-Game is played at night in Mario Stadium.

[edit] Rules and Objective

The Objective is relatively simple. You simply must hit as many Home-Runs as possible. To start the game, simply pick a character and then choose a level. After that is determined, you will get the chance to bat 10 times. There is a pitching machine on the pitching mound that will throw Bob-ombs at you at various speeds. To smack it out of the park, simply use a Charge Swing and let it rip. You will always be able to hit a Home-Run as the Bob-omb will always be hit by the sweet spot on the bat. The speed at which the Bob-omb will be hurled from the pitching machine depends on the image that shows up on the roulette wheel:

  • Mushroom- The Bob-omb will be slow and easy to hit a long way.
  • Fire Flower- The Bob-omb will come at a normal rate of Speed.
  • Star- The Bob-omb will come at a rate of speed equal to a fastball.
  • Fireball- The Bob-omb will come as fast as Mario and Luigi's Star Special Pitches. These are the hardest ones to hit.
  • Big Bob-omb- Bigger Bob-ombs that give out extra points if they are hit out of the park.
  • Question Mark: Any speed above besides a Big Bob-omb will be possible.

While hitting as many Home-Runs as you can is the main objective, the way to get the most points is by simply hitting Home-Runs in succession. By doing this, you will get what are called Combo Points. The more Home-Runs you hit in succession, the more Combo Points you get with each Home-Run. This is especially useful when playing against others for the most overall points.

[edit] Mini-Game Levels

There are four levels for this Mini-Game:

  • Mushroom Level- Belt 1000 points worth of Bob-ombs.
  • Fire Flower Level- Belt 1500 points worth of Bob-ombs.
  • Star Level- Belt 2000 points worth of Bob-ombs.
  • Special Level- Belt as many points worth of Bob-ombs as possible.

On the Special Level, you can play with up to 4 players. With more than one player, each player takes 3 turns at a time and the Big Bob-omb is always the last Bob-omb for each player.

[edit] Trivia

  • Did you know that many of the Rules for the Bob-omb Derby have similarities to the real life Home-Run Derby that Major League Baseball(MLB) holds every year?
  • The pitching machine used in Superstar Baseball has many similarities to the F.L.U.D.D. device that has been used by Mario in various other games.

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