Birthday Girl

Brthday Girl

Peach riding the Birthday Girl in Mario Kart 7.

Game Kart is in Mario Kart 7
Boosts Acceleration and Handling
Hinders Speed, Weight, and Off-Road
How to Unlock Available from the start

The Birthday Girl(also known as the Royal Ribbon in some countries) is a kart body from Mario Kart 7. It is a default kart body that greatly boosts Acceleration and Handling stats at the cost of Speed, Weight, and Off-Road abilities. Heavyweights are typically a good suit for this kart as their high Speed and Weight stats offset the drops while they benefit from Acceleration and Handling boosts. As the name of the kart implies, it is designed to be female friendly, and as such, it's color scheme is different with the female characters in the game.

[edit] Color Schemes

If you use a female character, then the color scheme of this kart will change to match her colors:

  • Peach- Bright pink top and a red underside along with pink dots.
  • Daisy- Orange top and yellow underside with yellow dots.
  • Rosalina- Bright blue top and a dark blue underside with light blue dots.
  • Honey Queen- Purple top and a dark purple underside along with light purple dots.

The color scheme for all of the male characters is the same as Peach's.

[edit] Stats

These take a character's base in each of the following stats and adds or subtracts from them depending on the kart:

Speed= -0.5
Acceleration= +0.5
Weight= -0.25
Handling= +0.5
Off-Road= -0.25

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