Big Dripper

Big Dripper
MP7 BigDripper.jpg
Big Dripper as it is seen in Mario Party 7

Big Dripper is a four player mini-game that appears in Mario Party 7. It consists of four players running around below a large honeycomb trying to collect honey in their jars. The honey falls in the form of drops and every time a player collects one they will get a point. Shadows appear on the ground where drops are going to fall which allows players to see where they have to stand to collect the honey. A swarm of bees come flying out of the sides of the screen pretty often which serves as an obstacle. Players must duck to avoid the bees, if they don't the bees will make the player(s) go dizzy for a little while, which makes them unable to collect honey for a short time. Whoever has the most points at the end of the mini-game is the winner.

[edit] Controls

Players use the control pad to move and collect honey, and they use the A button to duck when the bees come. The Game Cube controller will vibrate just before the bees swarm in to warn the players.

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