Be My Chum

Be My Chum!
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The minigame By My Chum from Mario Party 7

Be My Chum is a 1 vs 3 mic Minigame in Mario Party 7. The object of the game is to use the mic as the single player and call four obstacles for the other three players to avoid. The four obstacles include, Sushi's, Cheep Cheep's, Blooper's and Lakitu. The Lakitu will dump Spiny's into the water for the players to avoid. If there is still one player left swimming after the time is up than all three players will win, however if the one player gets all three others with the enemies than the single player wins.

[edit] Controls

The single player uses the mic to say the name of the enemy he or she wants to call, and the other three players use the control pad to move, and A to swim upward.

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