Battle Space

Battle Space
Battle Space as seen in Mario Party 2.
Effect Triggers a board specific event.
First Appearance Mario Party
Latest Appearance Mario Party 9

Battle Spaces are spaces featured in multiple Mario Party games. They are presented in different ways in the games they appeared in. The space was presented as a Lightning Space in Mario Party 2, a Goomba Space in Mario Party 3, a Bob-omb Space in Mario Party 4, and a 'B' Space in Mario Party 6 that's only available in Solo Mode.

When players land on this space, a Battle Mini-Game will start. First a roulette will determine how much coins each player will have to bet during the game. The options are 5, 10, 20, 30, or 50 coins. Afterwards, a Battle Mini-Game will be selected. The player who finishes in fist place will obtain the majority of the coins that each player has put out for the minigame. The second place player will usually get the remaining coins. At times when there is not an even amount of coins, one or two coins will be giving to a random player after the other coins are handed to the first and second place players.

In Mario Party 9, instead of coins, players have to give up Mini Stars. Usually one of two things will happen. A Hammer Bro will appear and take three Mini Stars from everyone and the better place you come in, the more Mini Stars you will win. Also a Fire Bro will appear and the player who comes in last place must give up 10 Mini Stars and it will be distributed among the remaining players.

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