Bat, as seen in Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Bats are enemies that first appeared in Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. They are seen on stage 4-5 of the Jungle level. They end up flying horizontally across the screen and if they hit Mario, they will hang onto him and try to suck blood out of him. Mario's face will end up turning white until he falls off the rope. He will get up again after it. He can be defeated by the bats if he falls too far.

They would later appear throughout the Mario Kart Series creating obstacles for the drivers by flying into them as they raced on.

Bats would make an appear in Donkey Kong 64 and would attack the Kongs if they got close.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong would be their most recent appearance. They would show up on certain levels and get in Mario's way.

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