Barrel Batter

Barrel Batter

Wario playing a game of Barrel Batter with Mario on-deck.

Game(s) Mini-Game is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Objective Score as many points as you can in 10 tries.
Hosting Stadium Donkey Kong Jungle

Barrel Batter is a mini-game found in Mario Superstar Baseball. Unlike other mini-games from Superstar Baseball, it's single player mini-game. Only the Special Level can have up to 2 players. The mini-game takes place at Donkey Kong Jungle.

[edit] Rules and Objectives

This mini-game is the ultimate test for a player's technical batting skills. You want to take out as many barrels as you possibly can with each swing. This makes it sound like the game is all about power hitting, but it's far from it. To destroy multiple barrels, you must hit a barrel that has many other barrels of the same color that touch each other. Using the image to your right for an example, Wario should hit any blue barrel on the top row or the lone blue barrel on the second row to get the most points out of that swing. To hit the third row of barrels, tilt the control stick up as you swing. To hit the bottom row of barrels, you will need to tilt the control stick down as you swing. The column that you you hit depends on how early or late you swing the bat. If you swing early, then you will hit a column that is closer to your character(left column for left-handed batters and right column for right-handed batters) If you make a later swing, then you will hit the baseball toward the opposite field of your character. You should also notice a meter with a barrel displayed on-screen. When this reaches its max, then a Bob-omb will be planted in a barrel as it comes down. If you manage to hit that barrel on the first turn it is in play, then all the barrels will be destroyed and you will earn ~860 points. Miss it on that turn, and the barrel will turn brown.

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