100 Gold Coin

The 100 Gold Coin is a coin that would appear first in the Wario series. It would add one-hundred regular coins to Wario's coin counter. It would also appear in a couple of Mario games.


[edit] Game History

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

100 Gold Coins would return in New Super Mario Bros. 2 in only special areas. The coins will be a bit bigger than Mario and will be a golden color with the number "100" on each of the side. It is worth 100 coins and it will give the player an Extra Life when touched. They could also be found in larger Coin Roulette Blocks.

[edit] Wario Land series

[edit] Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

WL1 100 Coin.png

This would be the first game where they would appear in. They would look similar to a regular coin in the game though they would be four times the size of a regular coin. They are rare and well hidden though they can be found in specific levels and obtained by hitting a giant Face Block. They are valuable for Wario for when he makes his wish to Denpuu at the end of the game.

[edit] Wario Land II

They would return in Wario Land and serve for the same reasons as they did in the previous Wario Land title. 100 Gold Coins would continue to look like regular coins though the would be silver in color and flash rapidly and make a noise when they appear and are collected. They can be obtained from breaking objects or by defeating enemies at random. The Giant Spider Man would also leave one of these coins whenever he is defeated.

[edit] Mario & Luigi series

[edit] Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

M&LPiT 100 Gold Coin.png

100 Gold Coins would be rare to find in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Normally they can only be found in ? Blocks that are in the ground via wide trunks which the baby brothers can only go through. When released, they will go to the surface where the Mario Bros. could collect them though they will disappear after a period of time.

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