Pagoda Peak

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Pagoda Peak

Overview of the Pagoda Peak board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 7
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type fixed
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Pagoda Peak is one of the board maps from Mario Party 7. It is a China-themed board with an emphasis on things like martial arts. It actually resembles an ancient mountain said to be 10,000 years old. This is unique in that it is a one way treck to the top like Mario's Rainbow Castle from Mario Party. However, it defers from Mario's Rainbow Castle in that there is only a single path with no split paths like in Mario's Rainbow Castle. The only way to get a Star is to scale the mountain and reach the top. Then, the Koopa Master will commend you for climbing the mountain and offer you a Star in exchange for coins as a reward for your efforts. Stars cost anywhere from 10-40 coins at any given time and the cost will increase after someone buys a Star. When it hits 40 coins, it will reset to 10 coins after someone buys a Star for 40 coins. Much like Rainbow Castle, moving strategically will significantly aid your chances in being the victor on this board.

Due to this being a single path board, Orbs will play a big part in the game as there is no way to really get out of the way of any spaces you don't want to get to. Strategically placing Orbs around the board can aid you in your efforts to emerge victorious on this board.

Green Spaces have varied effects. The first one you come across prompts Toadsworth to ask you if you want to ride a bottle rocket. It may seem like a strange concept, but if you choose right, you will get blasted to a much higher level of the mountain. Choose wrong, and you'll end up backing up quite a few spaces. There is no way to control the outcome as it's entirely up to chance. There are Green Spaces next to a few gongs called the Gongs of Fate. This is the only means of directly changing how much a Star costs. Timing this right can prevent your rivals from being able to purchase Stars or forcing them to pay more coins than they would have. The next Green Space is located next to a waterfall. There, you will be asked to practice your Kung Fu skills by a Kung Fu Koopa. Simply kick across from side to side as you see coins while avoiding falling logs. You keep whatever coins you manage to get. After another Gong of Fate, the next Green Space is located near a blazing statue. Use a fan to blow out the fire. There will be a prize inside that is yours to keep if you manage to put out the fire. The final Green Space is right near the top. Landing on this one is not advised as the Bowser-shaped cannon will shoot you all the way back to the start space.

For this board, one of four events can occur during Bowser Time. Bowser may:

  • Take a souvenier photograph at the cost of 10 or 20 coins per player. He flees before forking over the photo.
  • Replace one of the Orb Shops with his own(Bowser City). Koopa Kid will throw the next passerby into the shop where Bowser sells them a worthless item or a Koopa Kid Orb.
  • Leap off the mountain to destroy one of the bridges; rendering it unpassable for the next turn.
  • Leap off the mountain to do "exercise". The resulting tremor will cause players to fall to a lower level of the map similar to the big tree sneezing on Towering Treetop in Mario Party 6.

The mastering of this board in Solo Mode required the player to collect 100 coins and reach the top before the opponent. Master Koopa would then give the player a T-shirt with his face on it as a "reward" for the player's hard efforts.

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