Zess Deluxe

Zess Deluxe
Zess Deluxe.
Game Appearances Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Cooked By Zess T.
HP Restored 40
FP Restored 40
Damage 0

The Zess Deluxe meal is a recipe from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Cooked up by Zess T., the Zess Deluxe looks like a red dish that contains a golden berry on the top, with many small green berries that surround the golden berry. It will rest on a white plate.

In order for Zess T. to make the Zess Deluxe, Mario will need to have collected a Whacka Bump from Keelhaul Key and a Golden Leaf from a tree behind Creepy Steeple. Zess T. will then be able to make the Zess Deluxe and give it to Mario. When used, it will recover forty Health Points and forty Flower Points during a battle or outside of a battle.

The Deluxe Feast from Paper Mario is similar to this recipe.

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