Yoshi Valley

Yoshi Valley
MK64 YoshiValley.JPG

Yoshi racing on Yoshi Valley.

Cup Special Cup
Distance 772 m

Yoshi Valley is the second track of the Special Cup in Mario Kart 64 and it belongs to Yoshi. It has been considered to be one of the most challenging courses in the Mario Kart Series. As well on this track, there is no way to tell who is in what place until you reach the finish line.

This course starts off with being on a small dirt road with grass on both sides. It transitions into a winding maze of roads on cliffs. They can be hard to navigate. They all eventually merge together and take you to a bridge that brings the player back to then dirt road before reaching the finish line. It has very few railings and if a player falls off, they will roll down the hill for a few seconds before being brought back to the road. Before the bridge, there is a giant Yoshi Egg that spins around. If hit, the player is flattened. Black porcupines also are found on some paths and will make a player spin out.

It has been predicted that this track will appear in mario kart 7.

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