Yellow Yoshi

NSMBwii Yyoshi.jpg
Species Yoshi/Dinosaur
First Appearance Super Mario World
Latest Appearance Mario Tennis Open

The Yellow Yoshi is a color variant of the Yoshi species. It would make its first appearance in Super Mario World and appear in several games to date. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, it would be called the Bulb Yoshi.


[edit] Game History

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] Super Mario World

Super Mario World would mark the first appearance for the Yellow Yoshi. When it swallowed any shell, it would be able to make mini-earthquakes whenever it jumped and allow it to fall faster. It could be found in Star World 3 and Star World 5.

[edit] Super Mario 64 DS

It would appear as one of the playable Yoshis in the VS. Mode of Super Mario 64 DS. The fourth player would be the Yellow Yoshi.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The Yellow Yoshi would hatch out of the Yellow Yoshi Egg found in some Question Blocks in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy 2

It would appear under the Bulb Yoshi name in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It would have the same color shoes as the Green Yoshi though instead of the Yellow Yoshi.

[edit] Yoshi Series

[edit] Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

The Yellow Yoshi would be playable for each world's mid-fortress in Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island.

[edit] Yoshi's Story

A young Yellow Yoshi would be one of the playable Yoshis in Yoshi's Story. Its favorite fruit would be the Banana.

[edit] Diet



[edit] Super Smash Bros. series

It would be one of the alternate colors for Yoshi in the Super Smash Brothers series.

[edit] Mario Tennis Series

[edit] Mario Power Tennis

Yoshi would be able to change its color whenever it performed the Rolling Egg Return, once the player had completed the Flower Cup with any character in Mario Power Tennis.

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

Yellow Yoshi is one of the downloadable QR Characters in Mario Tennis Ooen. He is a power type character.

[edit] Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Yellow Yoshi would once more be an alternate color for Yoshi in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. It could be unlocked after the player has received a silver trophy in the Flower Tourney on Hard Mode. To select the Yellow Yoshi, the player will need to hold right on the control pad or Y while on Yoshi.

[edit] Mario Super Sluggers

Yellow Yoshi would be one of the team players in Mario Super Sluggers. It would have the weakest running abilities of all of the Yoshis. It could also be found on Yoshi Park in Challenge Mode after ground pounding next to the tree near the rainbow bridge that leads to Birdo.

[edit] Mario Sports Mix

It would also be an alternate color for Yoshi in Mario Sports Mix after the player has played 20 matches with Yoshi.

[edit] List of Game Appearances

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