World 8 (SM3DL)

World 8 (SM3DL)
World 8.jpg
Levels 8
Theme Mechanical, then Volcano
Boss Bowser
Game Super Mario 3D Land

World 8 is the final world of Super Mario 3D Land and also the longest world of the game. The background is full of lava with volcanoes seen in the background. The boss for this world is the King of Koopas himself, Bowser.


[edit] World 8-1

World 8-1.

The level starts off with a couple of Spiny enemies and Spiked Balls and a few Brick Blocks. He will have to use the moving platforms while avoiding the Giant Spike Ball when crossing the Donut Lifts to the Warp Pipe. The Warp Pipe takes Mario to another part of the level with moving platforms in front of him and Spiked Balls being shot out of cannons that roll down an escalator. Once past this, Mario will reach the Midway Flag before having to use the Reversible Platforms before climbing a pole to reach the Warp Box. The Warp Box takes him in front of a hill with a cannon for a Giant Spike Ball and regular Spike Balls. Mario will need to run down this hill while avoiding all of the spiked balls until he comes to the Warp Pipe and a Cannon that lead to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Using the Red ! Block after the Spike Balls, blocks will appear and will lead to the Star Medal
  • Star Medal 2: Above the Giant Spike Balls after the Midway Flag.
  • Star Medal 3: Use the cannon, aim to the left and it's in the sky.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 8-2

World 8-2.

Mario starts the level off close to a tree and dandelions before using the two poles to progress with the level. He will need to avoid the Rocket Engines before jumping down and avoid the spike covered Goombas. Next he will have to climb onto the pole that are the main feature for this level. On the first riding pole, he will need to avoid two Rocket Engines before arriving on land with a two Brick Blocks and a Question Block. He'll next use the moving platforms to reach the Midway Flag, while avoiding two more Rocket Engines. After the Midway Flag, Mario can find a hidden Super Leaf above the three Brick Blocks before using the moving poles to continue with the level. Mario will cross some Donut Lifts before reaching another moving pole that he'll have to grab a hold of. He'll need to be careful as he'll need to avoid some tricky Rocket Engines before landing on a small ledge before having to repeat the process again until he reaches more land that leads to moving platforms that will let him reach the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Above the Rocket Engines near the start of the level.
  • Star Medal 2: Before the Midway Flag on Donut Lifts.
  • Star Medal 3: On a Donut Lift near a moving pole.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 8-3

World 8-3.

For Mario to enter this level, he will have needed to collect a total of 80 Star Medals by this point.

World 8-3 is home to mainly colorful platforms and the player will see this from the start of the level. He will then encounter these yellow/green platforms that move in circular directions. While the yellow part of the platform is smooth and start for walking on, the green side will make it easier to fall off and into the pit below. Later in the level, he will come across longer platforms like these and he'll need to be careful as he will have to wait on some to be able to get further in the level. He will use the smaller platforms to reach the top of the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Using the spin trunk, Mario can get onto of the platform.
  • Star Medal 2: Found on the moving yellow and green moving platforms near the Rocky Wrenches after the Midway Flag.
  • Star Medal 3: To the right on the moving long green platform.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 8-4

World 8-4.

World 8-4 is another ghost house level. Mario starts off in a hallway, he will venture down a couple stairs before coming to what seems, the end of the room before the piece he's standing on, breaks away. Mario will use the platform to collect coins or hit a Question Block(that contains a Fire Flower) while avoiding the Boos who are trying to harm Mario. The piece of floor that he is standing on will connect perfectly with the other floor that contains five Question Blocks before using the green direction platform to continue with the level. He will have to be careful to not knock himself off the platform with the stones that pop out from the wall. Mario can get a Roulette Block while doing this before he reaches the Midway Flag. Mario will next have to go onto another moving floor while avoiding two circles of Peepas, Boos and a Big Boo before the floor drops down into place with the rest of the floor below. He can enter the door that will lead him to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: On the direction moving panel, the Star Medal will try to move away from Mario.
  • Star Medal 2: After the Midway Flag on the moving platform.
  • Star Medal 3: On the moving floor platform on the left.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 8-5

World 8-5.

The level is a type of castle or fort-like level with Reversible Platforms over a pit of lava that is far in the distance below. While he is on these platforms, he will need to avoid enemies like the Paragoombas, Bullet Bills, and Tail Bullet Bills that are shot out of a cannon. Mario will have to use poles and other moving platforms to reach an area with Question Blocks and Brick Blocks, with a power-up inside of one of them before using the Reversible Platforms once more after the Midway Flag. Mario can find a Red Ring on the Reversible Platforms with the Rocky Wrenches before he reaches a Mystery Box and more Reversible Platforms. When crossing these platforms, Mario will need to carefully jump while avoiding the Banzai Bills, which are much larger than the Bullet Bills. His final obstacle will be a Rocky Wrench that will try to keep Mario from reaching the Flagpole that is behind him. Once he is defeated, Mario can end the level.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: On the blue side of a Reversible Platform near the start.
  • Star Medal 2: On top of a Rocky Wrench after the Midway Flag.
  • Star Medal 3: In the Mystery Box above the flying Rocky Wrench.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 8-6

World 8-6

World 8-6 is a castle level that starts off on a castle platform before using steel grates to traverse in the level while avoiding the fire geysers before coming to a few Brick Blocks and a Dry Bone enemy. Next Mario has to use the rolling steel grate to cross over the lava by carefully walking near the edge of the grate to make it start rolling. Once reaching the platform, Mario will have to make it past a Wallop before using a screw, while avoiding a Magikoopa to reach the Warp Box. The Warp Box leads to the Midway Flag, a Dry Bone, a Wallop, and a Red Ring. Mario will need to use the step platform similar to the screw on making it through the lava to a platform with a Dry Bone and Draglett before having to use another moving steel grate while avoiding fire geysers before landing on a screw that Mario will have to run around to make it move upwards. He will have to jump onto another platform that moves around while Mario moves, he will need to avoid enemies before reaching the Warp Box. The Warp Box will take Mario to the Flagpole and the end of the level.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: On the second pole between the fire geysers.
  • Star Medal 2: Between two stones near three Boomerang Bros.
  • Star Medal 3: During the Bowser fight, the Star Medal is in the air and can only be got by a Boomerang or Tanooki Mario.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 8-7 Castle

World 8-7.

This castle starts off with Mario having to avoid or defeat two Magickoopas and then can use the P-Switch that activates the steel platforms to cross the lava to a a couple of Dry Bone enemies. Next Mario will have to avoid a Magmaargh and then a Draglett and Podoboos before climbing poles to jump over the fire geysers. Mario will then use a green direction platform while avoiding several Magamaargh enemies before reaching the Midway Flag. The P-Switch after the Midway Flag raises the platform that it is on to three Boomerang Bros. with one containing a Boomerang Flower. Next, Mario can use the Binoculars to see the end of the level and Princess Peach inside of the castle. Once Mario takes the Warp Box, he will be taken to the final area of the level and where he fights the boss, Bowser.

Bowser acts much like the False Bowser in World 1. Mario will have to use several obstacles to make it towards Bowser. If Mario gets to close, Bowser will jump and create a shockwave while shooting fireballs at the plumber. Mario will have to cross the bridge to the end where the switch is to destroy the bridge and send Bowser into the lava below. The castle will open and Mario will enter the castle to rescue the Princess, only to find the cage Peach was in, is empty. Continuing pass the cage, he will climb up a long staircase that leads to a Warp Box and then to the Flagpole for the end of the level.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Right side of the screw.
  • Star Medal 2: On a sinking cage next to the rolling cage. Watch out for the fire geyser.
  • Star Medal 3: Before the Warp Box, it will be above it on the movable screw box.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 8-8 Castle

Final World of 8.

Mario will ride on a skeleton throughout most of the level. He will need to carefully avoid the fireballs that come at him before he jumps on a wooden platform that rises up from the fire geyser. Next he will cross breakable blocks before using more wooden platforms to reach another ridable Skeleton platform that will take Mario into another area that has multiple fireballs being shot at Mario. At the end of the corridor, the skeleton ride will be shot up towards a staircase that takes Mario pass three Toads and to a Cannon that leads him through a Red Ring and to a pillar that allows Mario to collect the Red Coins for a power-up before using another cannon to reach the a walk way outside of the castle before Mario can enter a door and a cutscene. This cutscene will see Mario find Peach before Bowser makes his grand entrance and destroys the floor...

But Mario and Bowser land safely to the last area of the level. Mario will need to make his way towards the end of the level while Bowser shoots fireballs at Mario. He will cross breakable rocks, tightropes and a section where Bowser pays tribute to Donkey Kong, and throws barrels at Mario. Mario will have to avoid the barrels before leadig to the bridge. Once at the other side of the bridge, Mario will get to an unbreakable wall that is only breakable when Bowser swings his tail at it. Once broken, Mario can hit the switch to send Bowser plummeting. Mario will continue climbing the stairs before Bowser returns again. This time his fireballs are bigger and a lot stronger. Mario will need to use breakable rocks before reaching the bridge. Mario will have to run towards the screen as Bowser chases him down. He will have to be careful to not get stuck with the Brick Blocks before reaching the Bowser switch to send Bowser down to the lava below while hitting a few rocks along the way. Mario will make his way to the Flagpole that has Princess Peach tied to it and he will end the level and rescue the princess to complete the game.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: While on the sketeton, the Star medal will be in the room with the fireballs.
  • Star Medal 2: On a wood plank that will rise up from the fire geyser.
  • Star Medal 3: In the room with all the fireballs.

[edit] Enemies

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