World 3 (SM3DL)

World 3 (SM3DL)
World 3.jpg
Levels 6
Theme Really High Up
Boss Boom Boom
Game Super Mario 3D Land

World 3 is the third world in Super Mario 3D Land. It is a blue field with blue flowers and water. Boom Boom returns as boss of the world.


[edit] World 3-1

Beginning of World 3-1.

World 3-1 is a desert-like level. Mario can go to the building first, or explore the area around it. There is several coin blocks to find around the building structure and Pokey enemies as well. When Mario first starts the level, there is a Cannon right in front of him that can shoot him throw the Gold Ring and up near the Thwomp. From there he will come across a Thwomp sub-species, called the Donpyon. The only way to get around it is to have it jump up and then Mario can move past to enter the door. Inside, there is a pit with three Pokeys, and above is two Thwomps that Mario has to get by in order to get to the Warp Box that takes him higher up in the room to the Midway Flag.

After the Midway Flag, Mario can take the door back outside and use blocks that come out of the wall to climb up to the next door that takes him to a room full of Donpyon. These Donpyon will try to knock Mario into the spikes on the side. Once passed them, he will just need to get by the last Thwomp to enter the door and make it to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Close to the first Thwomp on the building, it is on a platform moving up and down.
  • Star Medal 2: Can be found after breaking a Brick Block on the stone wall past the small pond.
  • Star Medal 3: Before exiting the door to go to the Flagpole, the Star Medal is found about the last Thwomp. A Wall Jump is needed to collect it.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 3-2

World 3-2

World 3-2 is the first underwater level of Super Mario 3D Land. Mario starts off on land but quickly gets his shoes wet as he dives under to reach the Warp Pipe. Once out of the Warp Pipe, there is a P-Switch that will release a line of coins that goes under water and stops at two Brick Blocks(one containing a Fire Flower, a Cheep Cheep and Crates. Swimming through the two Gold Rings, Mario should avoid the Blooper or go for the Red Ring for a 1-Up Mushroom. The next area will seem him back on land with a Midway Flag before going back underwater with two Porcu-Puffers before avoiding the Spike Eel to enter the Warp Pipe that takes Mario above ground once more and to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Found after the first group of three Cheep Cheeps behind a steel grate. Can be accessed through the whole in the rock to the right.
  • Star Medal 2: Before the first Spike Eel, there is a small pit, diving down there will be a Warp Pipe with a room filled with coins and a Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: After the Warp Pipe, there is a second Spike Eel enemy, swim up until you reach land and the Star Medal will be above the water.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 3-3

World 3-3

World 3-3 is on an ice level filled with Donut Lifts throughout the whole level. It starts off with a few Donut Lifts before arriving on a big blue platforms with a Coin and Brick Block. Further down the Donut Lifts, there will be a Chain Chomp on the ground. It can be defeated by ground pounding the stump behind it that keeps it chained. The next area is one long run of Donut Lifts with a Starman that leads to more Donut Lifts with a Red Ring on it and then to the Midway Flag.

Mario will have two options on where to go, one set of Donut Lifts will take him to a Star Medal and the other will lead him towards a Chain Chomp, and Binoculars that will find a Toad throwing a Star Medal near the Warp Box. The Warp Box will take Mario to the final stretch of Donut Lifts before reaching the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: After seeing the first Hatchin' there is a hidden spin trunk behind a Question Block and Brick Block near the start of the level. It will take Mario to a Pipe and the Star Medal is inside.
  • Star Medal 2: After the Midway Flag, take the left path to an area where Mario needs to Wall Jump to the top. The Star Medal is above some Donut Lifts.
  • Star Medal 3: Using the binoculars to find Toad, he will throw a Star Medal near the Warp Box.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 3-4

World 3-4.

World 3-4 is a snow level with a lot of tightropes. It starts off with Mario having to crossing a couple of tightropes while avoiding a Fuzzy. Fuzzies cannot be harmed by Fire or the Tanooki Suit. He can then use the trampoline platform to get a power-up from the Blocks in the tree or continue past the Ball 'n' Chain and to the Warp Box. The Warp Box takes Mario above the earlier part of the level and to the Midway Flag or to the Rainbow Jump Block. After the Midway Flag, Mario will have to make his way across a long tightrope while avoiding three Fuzzies in a line to make it to another Warp Box. The next area, he will scale four tightropes in a row to the sky before making his way to a bunch of Ball 'n' Chains that stand in front of him and the Warp Box that takes him to the Flagpole. To grab the top of the Flagpole, Mario will need to use the tightropes and jump of the Question Block at the top.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: After the first two Fuzzies there is a tree with a trampoline box, using it to get to the top, Mario will need to hit the arrow blocks up until Mario can reach the Star Medal in the air with them.
  • Star Medal 2: Going through the Warp Box, Mario will walk a tightrope with a Rainbow Note Block above it. Using it to go to Coin Heaven, the Star Medal is at the end.
  • Star Medal 3: Between the Ball 'n' Chains there is a Flying Question Block, if Mario rides it, it will take him to the Star Medal.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 3-5

World 3-5

World 3-5 can only be unlocked if the player has 15 Star Medals. It is another side scrolling level that takes place on chocolate like platforms and land. There are some Donut Lifts found throughout the level that may or may not Mario get to the Warp Box. The Warp Box takes Mario to the Midway Flag and to more platforming. He will need to carefully cross the moving platforms that are moving in the opposite direction to get to the Warp Box that leads to the Flagpole. To touch the top, Mario will need to use the chocolate like platforms to reach it.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Before the first Donut Lifts.
  • Star Medal 2: Before Warp Box, Tanooki Mario can easily grab it or Mario can jump off the Para-Biddybud to get back on the stage.
  • Star Medal 3: After the Midway Flag, on the moving chocolate platforms.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 3-Airship

World 3-Airship.

The second Airship of the game, it starts off with Mario facing two Spike Pillars in the distance and Bob-ombs that he will need to carefully evade. Once Mario has gotten passed the Spike Pillars, he will next have to get passed the Spiked Balls that get shot out of the cannon. These Spiked Balls are able to go right through the Crates and the cannons will follow Mario until he is no longer in sight. He will reach the Midway Flag and binoculars that show off what's coming. Using the Donut Lifts, Mario will have to get pass more Spiked Pillars though these Spiked Pillars are lined up close together besides a small few for Mario to stand on. After the Spiked Pillars, Mario will need to enter the Warp Pipe to meet with the boss of the World.

Boom Boom returns as the boss for World 3. The room has changed since the last level as the panels on the floor will move in opposite directions. He uses the same battle techniques as last time. He will spin his arms around in an attempt to hit Mario. Mario can stomp on his head for him to retreat back in his shell and shoot around in his shell before popping back out. Hitting him three times will defeat him.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Beside the first Spike Pillar at the start.
  • Star Medal 2: There is a platform that is in front of all of the Spike Pillars with a Star Medal on a Donut Lift.
  • Star Medal 3: On the last airship after defeating Boom Boom, it's on the plank at the front.

[edit] Enemies

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