World 2 (SM3DL)

World 2 (SM3DL)
World 2 - 3D Land.png
Levels 5
Theme Blocks
Boss Boom Boom
Game Super Mario 3D Land

The second world for Super Mario 3D Land is a yellow field with blocks, hills, and a mountain seen in the background. This world contains only five levels and a Mystery Box with Boom Boom waiting at the end of the world.


[edit] World 2-1

Beginning of World 2-1.

World 2-1 starts in a green field with a pair of Binoculars at the start. Mario will see Toad on a platform close to the Flagpole. He will throw the Star Medal onto a small mount. After the Binoculars, Mario will come across some Goombas dandelions(one contains a Super Mushroom), three ? Blocks(one containing a Super Leaf) and a Piranha Plant. The next area will contain a Venus Fire Trap with two card board Goombas in front of it before coming up to a Roulette Block and two paths. He can use the three moving platforms to get to the other side or go farther left to go through a path with cardboard Goombas and a real Goomba. Using the trampoline boxes, he can reach the Star Medal that the Toad threw earlier.

The next area will have a Warp Pipe and a P-Switch. The P-Switch will reveal Music Notes that will give a 1-Up Mushroom. He will need to make his way past some Goombas and Tail Goombas on his way to the top of the castle. Using the trampoline boxes will take him to the Warp Block to a tiny platform that floats above the castle. He will need to press the ! Panel to make green platforms appear to let Mario cross to the area of the Flagpole. He can use more green platforms to reach the trampoline to grab the top of the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Using the binoculars, the Toad will throw a Star Medal on top of a small mount. Mario will need to jump on the trampoline boxes to get on the small mount.
  • Star Medal 2: Next to the first Star Medal is a Warp Pipe with a Piranha Plant. This will take Mario to an optical illusion room with a Star Medal at the top.
  • Star Medal 3: On the first story of the castle, there is a Star Medal behind the a Cardboard Goomba. It can be reached by a Long Jump, Tanooki Mario or a little path behind the steps.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 2-2

World 2-2.

Taking place in a dark underground area, this level contains a flashlight that stays on Mario throughout the whole level. There is Poisonous Water that will make Mario lose a life automatically if he touches it. The level starts off with green panels being used to reach the next area, though Mario can drop down below and enter a Pipe containing coins that spell out "3D". The next green panel will help Mario progress in the level without touching the poisonous water. He will have to get past three Paragoombas before reaching the Midway Flag and a reproducing coin. Mario will have to traverse over more poisonous water with the ! Green panel that will take him outside of the area but back in before taking him to the Warp Pipe leading to the Flagpole. He can only touch the top of the Flagpole by using the green panels.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Near the beginning of the level by using the green panel to reach it.
  • Star Medal 2: After the Midway Flag, there will be a hidden area in the ceiling. If Mario is Fire Mario then he can light the torch to reveal a line of coins to the hidden area.
  • Star Medal 3: After using the Warp Pipe to the Flagpole. Before going right, go left to see some Brick Blocks at the bottom. Tanooki Mario is required to break them or a somersault.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 2-3

Third area of the level.

World 2-3 takes place on platforms that resemble his classic self, classic Luigi, a classic Super Mushroom, and a classic Princess Peach. Mario will start off on the platform of himself. There are three P-Switches on this part of the stage(two as his buttons for his overalls and one in his ear), that will give out coins. The Question Block on Mario contains a Propeller Block that will help Mario reach the Super Mushroom platform.

On the Super Mushroom, there will be another P-Switch that will make more coins appear. There is also a spin trunk hidden in a Brick Block on the platform. Mario can use the tail from Tanooki Mario to make the platform rise and reach the Red Ring. Next Mario, will need to reach the Princess Peach platform that has another spin trunk switch that can raise her dress stripe. There is a Warp Box near the top of the platform that will lead Mario to a grassy area with a background that resembles the first level of Super Mario Bros..

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: On the bottom right foot of the Mario platform, there will be a Brick Block with a spin trunk switch that takes Mario up to the Luigi platform. The Star Medal is on Luigi.
  • Star Medal 2: Between the Super Mushroom and Peach platforms, there will be a coin ring with a Star Medal below. Mario will need to jump down, grab the Star Medal and use the Propeller Block to get back up.
  • Star Medal 3: Raising up Peach's dress stripe will reveal the Star Medal.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 2-4

Beginning of World 2-4.

Mario starts off on a wooden platform between a Reversible Platform. Each time Mario jumps, the platform will change and Mario will need to carefully time his jumps. The first platform tries to explain this before Mario continues with the level and starts to experience more of them. He will come across some Hatchins' who attempt to sting Mario while he uses the platforms to jump. He will reach wooden platforms that have three Brick Blocks, with one containing a Super Leaf before coming across a Bowser box that has Goombas jump out of it. Mario will need to avoid the Goombas jumping out of the Bowser boxes as he uses the Reversible Platforms.

Once Mario gets to the wooden platforms with the rotating spike bar and a Brick Block that scatters the coins on the floor. He can use the one Flip-Swap Platform to get to the Rainbow Jump Block to access the Coin Heaven or continue on up to more Brick Blocks, with one containing a spin trunk to a Question Block with a 1-Up Mushroom. Mario will need to carefully time his jump well when jumping down onto the Reversible Platforms and avoid the rotating spike block that will try to knock him off the platforms. He will be near the Flagpole after one more Bowser box and will need to use the Reversible platform to touch the top of the flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: After getting to the Reversible Platforms with the Bowser boxes, Mario will need to get around the Spike Blocks that are in front of the Star Medal on the blue Flip-Swap Platform.
  • Star Medal 2: At the end of Coin Heaven.
  • Star Medal 3: Mario will need to hit the Flying Question Block at the right spot over the Reversible Platforms near the end of the level to be able to collect the Star Medal that is above.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 2-Airship


The first Airship of the game, Mario will not be able to take it slow for this level as the screen will move slowly. He will start the level by avoiding three Rocket Engines before reaching a tightrope with Bullet Bills being shot at Mario as they will try to knock Mario off the tightrope. Mario can avoid more Bullet Bills on the next ship or take the Warp Box to the ship in the background to collect several coins, two Blue Timers, a Roulette Block, and a Star Medal before taking the Warp Box back to the main ships.

Mario will have to jump to the next ship where there is a rectangle Question Block and a Rocky Wrench throwing wrenches in Mario's direction. The next part will introduce Tail Bullet Bills, who will act much like the Bullet Bills but spin their tails when close to Mario. They will serve as the last obstacle before the Warp Pipe where Mario will face Boom Boom. Boom Boom makes his first return since Super Mario Bros. 3, he will start spinning in an attempt to hit Mario. Mario has to jump on his head for Boom Boom to retreat into his shell and shoot around the room before popping back out. Mario will need to repeat this process three times to defeat Boom Boom and the Warp Box will appear to take him to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Near the beginning of the course, after the first Bullet Bills there will be a Warp Box that takes Mario to a ship in the background with Blue Timers, a Roulette Block and a Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: After the Warp Box, there will be a Rocky Wrench and above it is the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: Before entering the Warp Pipe, drop underneath the small wooden plank to a pile of coins and Star Medal.

[edit] Enemies

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