World 1 (SM3DL)

World 1 (SM3DL)
World1 SM3DL.png
Levels 5
Theme Grassland
Boss False Bowser
Game Super Mario 3D Land

The first world of Super Mario 3D Land takes place in a green field with flowers, pipes, and hills seen in the background. It only contains five levels with a Mystery Box. As it is the first world of the game, the levels are rather basic and considered easier.


[edit] World 1-1

Beginning of level.

World 1-1 takes place in a grassland area near Princess Peach's Castle and the Tanooki-tailed Tree as seen in the background of the level. Mario will begin with crossing over a small bridge with Cheep-Cheep leaping over it to an area with two Brick Blocks and a Question Block. The Question Block contains a Super Leaf inside of it and will feature the first appearance of Tanooki Mario. He will cross over another stream with a broken bridge, though he can cross over with the tightrope, the blocks or a simple jump. This area will contain more Brick Blocks and bushes on the ground. Going near the bottom of the level and to the right, there is a crate that can be broken and a tunnel with a 1-Up Mushroom inside of it.

Going back to the area with the Brick Blocks, there is a small wall with two Elevators and a stretched Question Block that will give three coins to Mario. Above the cliff is some dandelions, trees and more Goombas. There is also a Halfway Point and a Super Mushroom hidden in a bush. To the right, there is a little building with several Brick Blocks and a Tanooki-Tailed Goomba. Hitting the Brick Block on the raised platform will contain a device that will make the ground rise when Mario uses the Tanooki-tail to hit it. On the roof of this building there are crates with coins inside of them and there is a Green Timer. Once outside of the building, Mario can use a pair of Binoculars to spot a Toad teaching Mario how to jump on the flagpole. Heading forward, he will encounter more Tail Goombas, Brick Blocks and other blocks. To the left, he can climb the colored bricks to collect a Star Medal and another Super Leaf. Mario can jump off these platforms and land on a Giant Tail Goomba for three coins or continue on past the bridge to a small island with colored blocks that lead to the Flagpole and the end of the level.

[edit] Star Medal Locations

  • Star Medal 1: Near the beginning of the level after crossing the first stream, near the south there are four platforms. They're connected by a tightrope and on this tightrope is the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: After the Midway Flag, there is a tree that can be climbed with a Jump Block nearby. These platforms will lead to a Warp Pipe, and inside the pipe is several large used blocks. There is a block floating near the rest that contains the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: Close to the end of the stage are several platforms that can be accessed by a Jump Block. On these blocks, there is a tightrope with the Star Medal floating above it.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 1-2

Mario with Koopa Troopas.

World 1-2 is the first underground level of the game, similar to Super Mario Bros.. It starts off with Mario in front of a torch and a Ball 'n' Chain in front of him that he will need to pass carefully by. He will come across two Goombas near three Question Blocks with one containing a Fire Flower inside of it. Ahead there are more crates with coins insider of them and a Black Piranha Plant. This Piranha Plant will spit ink at Mario. There is a spinning platform after this Piranha Plant but there will be another one on the platform and a Star Medal. Jumping off the spinning platform will take Mario to a pipe with coins and Green Timer inside of it.

The next area will contain two rectangle ? Blocks, a stacked Goomba, more Brick Blocks and the Halfway Flag. Going through the doorway will take Mario to another area with some ? Blocks, Koopa Troopas, stacked Goombas and another Ball 'n' Chain. Near the doorway, there is a hidden block containing a Star. There are two flying platforms over a small gap with a Star Medal above them and a Black Piranha nearby. Pass the Piranha Plant, is a Blue Timer and a bridge containing three Ball 'n' Chains as the first big obstacle of the game. Once passed the bridge, there is a torch that can be lit to make a trail of coins appear. The Warp Pipe will take Mario outside and there will be the Flagpole and a platform with coins on it.

[edit] Star Medal Locations

  • Star Medal 1: On the spinning platform, there is a Star Medal beside the Black Piranha Plant.
  • Star Medal 2: After the second Ball 'n' Chain, it will be over top of the two floating platforms.
  • Star Medal 3: After the bridge with the three Ball 'n' Chains, there is a thin path behind it with two Black Piranha Plants. After defeating them, Mario can reach the Star Medal.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 1-3

The beginning of World 1-3.

World 1-3 takes place in a valley with waterfalls around it, Mario will start off at the top on a rock. There is a pair of Binoculars at the top that will be used to find Toad on the right cliff, and he will toss the first Star Medal. Near the Piranha Plants, is a Roulette Block. Traversing down the platforms, he will enter a Koopa Troopa, Biddybuds, and a Jump Block. Past the Jump Block is a Mystery Box, inside of it is a purple room with three ? Blocks. Two of them will contain one coin, while the other will have unlimited coins in it but Mario only has ten seconds to hit it. After the Mystery Box, he will encounter more Biddybuds and a Para-Biddybuds.

He will next come to a green direction-change platform that will help him reach the Midway Flag, some trunks, and a Venus Fire Trap. One of the trunks will have a Super Lead, while the other will have coins. Mario will come to a crossroad where he can go two ways, if he goes to the right, he will find a Rainbow Jump Block that will take him to Coin Heaven. Coin Heaven will contain a lot of coins. At the start of it, Mario can pick up a Star and attack the Biddybuds without being harm. A Green Timer and a Star Medal can also be collected.

If he goes to the top of the crossroad, he will need to jump down some clouds to get to a cliff. There is also a Red Ring on some clouds that can be collected. Next, he will need to jump off a platform where he will need to use a change-direction platform to get to the wooden blocks that lead to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medal Locations

  • Star Medal 1: After using the Binoculars to locate the Toad, the Star Medal will land above the Jump Block that Mario can use to get the Medal.
  • Star Medal 2:The second Star Medal is at the end of the Coin Heaven.
  • Star Medal 3: Is above some of the clouds to the right of the second Venus Fire Trap.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 1-4

Beginning of World 1-4.

World 1-4 can only be unlocked after having three Star Medals. Mario will start off on a small patch of land with a direction-change platform in front of him. This level will take place on mainly direction-change platforms. He will come across coins, Paragoombas, ? Blocks, a water geyser and Brick Blocks. The first ? Block will contain a Super Leaf while the water geyser will raise the platform to collect the first Star Medal. After the water geyser, the platform will go down a small hill and past some Brick Blocks before making it to a patch of land with a Midway Flag.

After the mountain, there is another rail platform briefly used before Mario will have to jump to the next platform that will pass by a small rock area with two Question Blocks and a Mystery Box. Inside the Mystery Box is three rectangle Question Blocks. One will just contain three coins, another with three coins and a Super Leaf and another that can be hit multiple times before it runs out. Past the Mystery Box, there are two water geysers. They can be used to get a Star Medal or get a Green Timer. Keeping to the top rails, Mario will go down another slope before hitting a set of water geysers that takes him to the Warp Pipe that leads to the end of the level. The end level area will let Mario use the rail platforms to grab the top of the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medal Locations

  • Star Medal 1: At the end of the top path after the first water geyser.
  • Star Medal 2: Past the check point, the brief rail platform can be reversed to the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: Past the Mystery Box, it can be reached from using a water geyser in reverse.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 1 Castle

Mario looking at the Castle.

Mario starts off on a higher platform overseeing two Draglets and a Firebar. Next there will be two platforms that moves in a circle with a Podoboo in the middle of one of them and then a large firebar in the next one. There is a platform after that has a Dry Bone and a rectangular ? Block on it that contains a Super Leaf. Next to the rectangle block is a platform that rises from the lava and used for reaching the wire platform. There is a lava geyser and three Podoboos underneath it that lead to another platform with a Hammer Bros. on top of it. Behind it there is another wire platform that will connect to another area with the Midway Flag and a large firebar that will try to prevent Mario from reaching the area with the two Thwomps. Jumping on top of the Thwomps will take Mario to an area with a 1-Up Mushroom(and two fake ones), a Star Medal, and binoculars.

Once past the Dry Bones, the False Bowser will appear. He will attack Mario by using fireballs while he is running on a path to the bosses bridge. Mario will need to avoid the False Bowser to get to the button at the end of the level to destroy the bridge(similar to Super Mario Bros.). False Bowser will drop into the lava and turn into a Tail Goomba. The door will open and take Mario to the rescued Toad and then to the warp block that will take Mario to the top of the tower and to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: In the middle of the first rotating platform.
  • Star Medal 2: Near a Firebar.
  • Star Medal 3: Behind the second Thwomp in the narrow space. Can be reached by a Wall Jump or jumping onto the the Thwomp.

[edit] Enemies

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