World 1-1 (NSMBWii)

World 1-1
1 - 1 general image.jpg
Course Name 1 - 1
Location World 1
Time 500 Seconds
Power-ups Mushroom, Propeller Cap
Terrain Grass
Yoshi Available? No
Boss N/A

World 1 - 1 is the first course in the Mario Games. It contains Goombas, and Koopas mostly.

[edit] Guide

There is a Mushroom or Propeller Cap (Once you have got a Mushroom Propeller Caps will appear until you down-size again) in the highest-up item block near the start. To kill goombas, stomp on them and koopa-troopas can be put back into their shells (Pick them up with B (Nunchuck) and let go to throw) by stepping on again. On the second wheel, there is a pipe you can go down. Down there is a P.png switch which turns all coins into blocks, and vice versa. Get back up and continue forwards.

Midway flag - Should have between 350 and 400 seconds left.

To use a propeller cap, just wiggle the wii remote. Once in the air, press down to do a spin or drill attack. Continue on to the exit where a flag is. Spin to the top of the flag for a one-up. There are several attractions on the way, such as a red ring near the top of the level. Collect 8 red coins in the short amount of time given for a prize. You should have about 250-300 seconds left when you hit the flag.

[edit] Star Coin 1

Near the midway flag, you should see this above some blocks. Spin attack on the blocks to get it.

[edit] Star Coin 2

Soon after the area with two sets of three blocks there is a wheel. Wait until a pipe in the wheel appears and go down it. Inside the cave, wall-jump or spin to get the coin.

[edit] Star Coin 3

You need to be up high for this, and near the flag, spin onto a small platform to get it. When exiting the cave through a yellow pipe, jump up in the hidden area for a block with a one-up mushroom in.

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