Wing Cap Mario Over the Rainbow

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Wing Cap Mario Over the Rainbow
Mario flying around the course..
Stars 1

Wing Cap Mario Over the Rainbow is one of the three secret courses in Super Mario 64. The main objective for this course is for Mario to use the Wing Cap to collect the 8 Red Coins and collect the Power Star for the course. The entrance can be found on the left side of Tick Tock Clock on the third floor of Princess Peach's Castle. It will be on a niche high up on the wall. This level contains two platforms with cannons on each, and four solid clouds that are connected by rainbows. Two of these clouds are transparent and Mario can fly through them. A Bob-omb Buddy will appear and Mario will need to talk to him so that he can open the cannons.

There are six red ! Blocks located around the course that will help Mario get to one cloud to another with the Wing Cap. Falling off the course, will result in Mario landing in the pond outside of Princess Peach's Castle.

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