Overview of the Windmillville board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 7
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type None
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Windmillville is one of the boards from Mario Party 7. Koopa Sheperdesses are in charge of the Orb Shops and other attractions on this board. On this Netherlandss-themed board, the only way to get Stars is by buying up windmills. Red windmills have 1 Star each, the 2 Green windmills on the upper corners of the board are worth 2 Stars each, and the yellow windmil in the center is worth 3 Stars. To own the windmills, players deposit coins to become the owner of that windmill. The player with the most coins invested in a windmill will own it along with all the Stars it possesses. Beware though, as the special Windmillville-only Bandit Orb allows the user to steal coins from other players in a windmill at random. Navigation is almost as hard as keeping windmills as every time someone passes over the tulip-like objects, that set of tulips closes and the other set opens, meaning that it isn't easy to follow others and set roadblocks as easily as other maps.

There are a few Green Spaces to be had as well. One allows the player to play a coin game in which s/he has to herd as many sheep back into the sheep pen before time expires. The more sheep the player successfully got back in the barn, the more coins s/he received. There was another coin game at the top of the board where the player would have to ground pound his/her leaf trampoline to get the floating coins passing by. The Koopa Shepherdess would give a special prize to those able to get all of the coins.

On a side note, Bowser will never steal Stars from players who lose his mini-games and DK never rewards players with Stars for defeating him in a Single-Player DK Minigame. This is the only board on which that happens.

During Bowser Time, Bowser may:

  • Take a commemorative photo at the cost of 10 or 20 coins per player, but leave without giving anyone a photo.
  • Destroy one of the windmills. A new one would be built with no owner.
  • Send Koopa Kid out to steal coins from a windmill at random. Sometimes a Koopa Shepherdess would pass by causing Koopa Kid to disguise himself with a bush, but it is unknown if this affects how many coins he takes or not.

In Solo Mode, you must repair 3 windmills before your opponent to clear this board. The red windmills costed 20 coins, the 2 green windmills costed 30 coins, and the yellow one cost 50 coins.

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