Western Land

Western Land
Western Land.gif

The logo used for the Western Land board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 2
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type Standard
 ? Space Effect Sends the local train in motion to the nearest train station. All players in the path of the train are run over and sent back to the Start Space.
Availability Available from the start.

Western Land is one of the board maps from Mario Party 2. On this map, players dress up as cowboys(cowgirl in Peach's case) and have "Deputy" in their names. This map is set in a desolate town in the far west with old train stations as well as a milk shop. The train stations are the main attractions on this map. The train, Steamer, is stationed at the train station on the far bottom part of the board when the game starts. Whenever a player wants to catch a rid with him, they pay 5 coins and then hit a special Dice Block to determine the direction Steamer goes. Should Toad's face pop up, Steamer will move forward. However, should it show a Goomba, then Steamer will move backwards instead. The ? Spaces also make Steamer move to the nearest train station. Whenever a player is run over by Steamer, they get sent directly back to the Start Space. Aside from Steamer and the train stations, there is also a milk shop that a Wiggler owns. She asks any player who passes by if they want to start a Hootenanny with the other players for twenty coins. If the player says yes, then the fee is paid and all the players get summoned to the milk shop. The Item Mini-Game on this board is Give Me a Break while the Duel Mini-Game is Quick Draw Corks.

As Toad is about to announce the Super Star of the game, a red Koopa Troopa scurries in saying that the board's villain, Bowser the Brash is robbing the local Koopa Bank. A cut scene ensues where Bowser the Brash is demanding more coins from a green Koopa Troopa despite the Koopa Troopa repeatedly saying that the bank has no more coins. At that moment, the game's Super Star shows up to confront Bowser. Koopa Troopa takes shelter in his shell as both the Super Star and Bowser engage in a pop-gun quick-draw, similar to Quick Draw Corks, except both fire a shot. However, Bowser's height works against him as his shot misses high and the player's shot hits Bowser in the stomach, causing him to faint instantly. The Super Star is then congratulated by Toad, Koopa Troopa, and the other players.

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