Waluigi's Island

Waluigi's Island

Overview of Waluigi's Island board map

Game board is in Mario Party 3
Difficulty Level Hard
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Varied
Availability Unlocked by clearing this map in Story Mode.

Waluigi's Island is one of 6 playable boards in Mario Party 3. This is the trickiest board in MP3. Traps and hazards seem to be around every corner from the very beginning. You'll need to avoid setting off the dynamite that's near the beginning of the board. Any player caught within the blast range when the timer hits 0 will lose all of their coins.(similar to the Bowser Beam from Space Land in Mario Party 2) From there, the board diverges into many different paths. The paths will not reunite until you jump into one of the red pipes. From there, all players will be taken to the green pipe just above the Start area(similar to Luigi's Engine Room in Mario Party) To get to Boo's area on the map, you'll need to take the path that isn't booby trapped. If you pick the booby trapped path, you'll get sent back to start. There is no way to really tell which path is booby trapped so pick a path and hope for the best. The island in the top left portion of the board is unique. Every turn, the entire island will change space types. Any space type is a possibility for that turn and it is completely random as to which space type it will be that turn. The Happening Spaces not near the dynamite circle will open and close the draw bridge leading to the island in the top left portion of the map. Often times you'll find yourself playing to avoid the hazards rather than playing to win. In Story Mode, the player must defeat Waluigi and 2 others to win the Mischief Star Stamp. The clearing of this map in Story Mode allows the use of this board in Party Mode. It is one of the most dangerous non-Bowser themed boards in the entire Mario Party Series.

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