Vanilla Lake 1

Vanilla Lake 1 is the third course of the Star Cup in Super Mario Kart. It is a very short, but slippery course, driving on the snow will slow the kart down, ice blocks that can only be bumped into to continue on, and a small lake which is possible to fall into if the player isn't careful enough. The course is a vanilla colour, hence the name.

[edit] Course Layout

The course starts off with a slight right turn, and a straight path with coins and ? Panels. The course widens as it turns right, and narrows. There is a fairly straight path with coins and the first set of blocks that are broken. Straight ahead there is another row of ice blocks that need to be broken to move on. The course then turns right as the first small lake is up ahead. The lake is too small to fall into, though. The course is straight again as another row and column of ice blocks appear. The course then does a right hook turn and it is possible to fall into the lake if the turn isn't taken tightly enough. Then there is the home straight leading to the finish line.

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