Unlucky Space

Unlucky Space
Unlucky Space.png
Unlucky Space as seen in Mario Party 9.
Effect Triggers an event, in which the Captain will lose Mini Stars.
First Appearance Mario Party 9

An Unlucky Space is a rare space that debuted in Mario Party 9. These spaces only appear on Toad Road, Bob-omb Factory, and Blooper Beach.

When landed on this space, the person who is the Captain will be penalized. The player who is the captain will be forced to enter a Warp Pipe leading to an area with 6 Mini Ztar Spaces. The player will roll a dice block and head to the Mini Ztar Space, according to the number he/she rolled. The higher the roll usually leads you to landing on a higher numbered Mini Ztar Space, causing you to lose Mini Stars.

There is another Unlucky Space on Blooper Beach that triggers an event exclusive to that board map. Everyone will get sucked into a whirlpool that is filled with mostly Mini Ztar Spaces and few Dash Spaces. Players have to roll the dice block and make their way out of the whirlpool, possibly losing Mini Stars along the way. The whirlpool will continue to pull everyone back two spaces after a player has rolled the dice block, until the players successfully exits it.

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