Unlockables (MKWii)

Here is a list of items, karts, characters, and more that you can unlock.


[edit] 100CC Karts Unlockable

  • To unlock the ability to drive karts in 100cc cup races, earn all of the trophies on each 100cc cup race.

[edit] 50CC Race Bikes

  • To unlock the ability to drive bikes in 50cc cup races, earn all of the trophies on each 50cc cup race.

[edit] Unlockable Characters

[edit] Cups

[edit] Mirror Mode

  • To unlock Mirror Mode, you need to win all 150cc cups or play 4,950 races or more.

[edit] Unlockable Vehicles

[edit] Alternate Title Screen

  • To unlock an alternate title screen that will be shown when the game starts, win each and every cup available in the game.

[edit] Star Icon When Playing Online

To obtain the star icon, you must complete all Grand Prixs(50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror) and obtain at least a 1 Star rank on all cups of each Grand Prix. If you obtain a Star rank in most cups and obtain a letter rank in the few remaining Cups, your lowest letter rank will be your Overall Rank

If completed, then, when playing online, your opponents will be able to see your star icon when racing and in the results.

You can also get 2 star and 3 star icon online using the instructions said above.

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