Triple 'Shroom Orb

Triple 'Shroom Orb

Triple 'Shroom Orb as it appears in Mario Party 7.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 7
Effect Mario Party 7- Character Orb that only Toad and Toadette are able to use. As the name implies, this Orb consists of 3 Mushrooms that Toad(Toadette]] can use for three turns, including the turn the Orb is activated on. It acts like any other Mushroom does, allowing the use of 2 Dice Blocks instead of one. Self Orbs can't be used while this Orb is in effect.
Coin Cost 15 coins(Mario Party 7)
Rarity Uncommon

The Triple 'Shroom Orb is one of the six special Character Orbs in Mario Party 7. This Orb can only be bought and used by Toad and Toadette. This Orb is the same as using a Mushroom for three straight turns. While the Orb is in effect, Toad(Toadette) is able to hit 2 Dice Blocks instead of one to move around the board faster than normal. While this Orb is in effect, Toad(Toadette) can't use any Self Orbs. Toad(Toadette) is also still affected by any Roadblock Orbs that are passed during the effects of this Orb.

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