Toy Time Galaxy

Toy Time Galaxy
Toy Time Galaxy.PNG
Area Engine Room
Unlocked By 40 Stars
Boss Undergrunt Gunner
Comet(s) Purple Comet
Fast Foe Comet
Levels Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser
Mario/Luigi Meets Mario
Bouncing Down Cake Lane
Fast Foes of Toy Time
Luigi's Purple Coins
The Flipswitch Chain

Toy Time Galaxy is one of the galaxies found in the Engine Room in Super Mario Galaxy. The Galaxy is a playroom-themed Galaxy that has toys made out of rainbow building blocks and trains that are used for transportation. The Spring Mushroom can be found in this Galaxy. The Toy Time Galaxy pays homage to Mario and Luigi.


[edit] Planets

[edit] Starting Planet

The first planet has a circular train track with two stations. It will contain two trains running on the track, with one carrying three cars and the other with two cars. It will circle the track in some missions clockwise, while counterclockwise in others.

[edit] Train Planet

Made up of colorful blocks and gears that make out a shape of a train engine, this planet will feature pink walls with their own gravity. It contains two 1-Up Mushrooms, one between two vent pipes near the start of the planet. While the other one is to the right of the starting point over some fans. Mario will also need to spin on some of the Bolts.

[edit] Rainbow Blocks Planet

This planet contains building blocks and conveyor blocks. Mario can find the Spring Mushroom on this planet and a pipe that leads to the tubular inside of the planet.

[edit] Plate Planet

The Plate Planet is one big plate, with a fork, spoon and bottle with a launch star at the top that Mario needs to reach to continue on.

[edit] Mecha-Bowser

A toy robot that looks like Bowser on a conveyor belt. It has a green surface that Mario can walk on. Mario will need to reach the top but needs to destroy the chest plate and right arm first. Mario will need to destroy the stack of breakable stones on its head to destroy the robot. Once destroyed, only the conveyor belt remains.

[edit] Screw Planet

This planet has a huge screw sticking through it. Mario will need to collect five yellow Star Chips to continue on. There is a Hungry Luma on the planet as well.

[edit] 8-bit Mario/Luigi Planet

This planet has an 8-bit Mario on one side and 8-bit Luigi on the other. It uses Flip Tiles for their skin color, Shrinking Tiles for their shirt color and lava tiles for Mario's hat and pant's color(poison water tiles for Luigi's). There is a starting block attached to one of 8-bit Mario or Luigi's foot with a star inside of it. On their hats, the letter is made up of Star Bits. On Mario's side there are five Silver Stars to collect and 150 Purple Coins on Luigi's when the Purple Comet is in orbit.

[edit] Dessert Area #1

This area only consists of a cake, two slices of cake and a conveyor belt containing a chocolate bar on it. Mario will need to use the spring mushroom to climb the cake slices.

[edit] Dessert Area #2

Only consisting of a large lemon cake, slice of cake and a wall of white chocolate, he will need to bounce around the lemon cake to get to the sling star. If he touches the middle of the cake, he will be sucked into the black hole.

[edit] Frozen Dessert Area

The Frozen Desert area is an area made up of an ice cream cone, Popsicle, lollipops and ice cubes. Mario will start on the ice cone and be greeted by a Li'l Barr that loves on the cone. He will need to use the sticks of the popsicles to get across the pit to the lollipops. The lollipops have yellow robots on them that try to shock Mario. On the icy path, there will be Electrogoombas that will try and make him fall off the trail. When Mario reaches the last ice cube, he can get to the cannon and launch to the Launch Star.

[edit] Cake Planet

This cake has five candles with six forks and spoons sticking out of it. Mario can go down the pipe on the red spoon to be inside the planet. He will need to "blow" out the candles by spinning next to them to make the launch star appear.

[edit] Undergrunt Gunner's Cake Planet

The boss of the Galaxy is fought here. When Mario arrives, the Undergrunt Gunner is residing in his electric cannon of the top of the gumball canister. He will need to use the Spring Suit to jump on the cannon to hit the ground pound and defeat the mole.

[edit] Chain Planets

The Chain planets are two planets intertwined with one another and are covered with Toy Boxes and flipswitches. Mario has to turn the switches yellow to make the Power Star appear. The Fast Foe Comet occurs in this area as well. It can only be reached by the Hungry Luma on the Screw Planet.

[edit] Gear Planets

A combination of three wooden gears, it has some star bits on it.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Levels

[edit] Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser

Mario will start off on the Starting Planet and will need to ride the train to the Launch Star which takes him to the Train Planet. He will need to spin the bolts on the planet to make it fall apart to reveal another launch star leading to the Block Planet where he obtains the Spring Mushroom. He will need to use it to get to the Launch Star for the Plate Planet, where he will spring into another launch star to get to Big Mecha Bowser. he will use the Spring Mushroom again to climb the body and free all of the captive Gearmos to make the robot explode and collect the Power Star.

[edit] Mario/Luigi Meets Mario

Starting on the Start Planet, Mario will need to use the Launch Star to get to the next planet which is the Screw Planet. He will have to collect the five Star Chips to create a new launch star that leads him to the 8-bit Mario Planet where he will need to cross the planet while getting the five Silver Stars. Once collected, the Power Star will appear on the start platform for this planet.

[edit] Bouncing Down Cake Lane

Using the Spring Mushroom, Mario will need to beat multiple jumping challenge for this mission. He will start on the Starting Planet before using the launch star to the Dessert Area #1. From there he will need to jump along before making it to the second Dessert area where he needs to avoid more deserts. He will then make it to the Cake Planet where he will face the Undergrunt Gunner and will need to defeat him to collect the Power Star.

[edit] Fast Foes of Toy Time (Fast Foe Comet)

This star can only be collected when the Fast Foe Comet is in orbit. The player will need to complete the Flipswitch Chain with faster enemies and traps. The layout for this mission is the same as the Flipswitch Chain.

[edit] Luigi's Purple Coins (Purple Comet)

For this mission, the player only has three minutes to collect 100 of the 150 Purple Coins on the 8-bit Luigi Planet and then return to the start to collect the Power Star.

[edit] The Flipswitch Chain

The Secret Star for this gallery, it can be found after feeding the Hungry Luma on the Screw Planet. Mario will need to reach the end of the level by hitting several Flipswitches that cover the area. Once all flipswitches have been hit, the Power Star will appear and can be collected.

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