Toy Dream

Toy Dream

Overview of Toy Dream board map

Game board is in Mario Party 5
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Varied
Availability Available at the start

Toy Dream is one of the 7 playable board maps in Mario Party 5. This map was created from everyone's dreams about toys. It is completely built out of toys and you'll see plenty on the map ranging from toy soldiers to a toy train and even a robot. One of the toys is even based on Mecha Bowser. The Happening Space near that toy will cause the Mecha Bowser to eat the player and shoot him/her out in a cannon style fashion. Landing on a Happening Space on top of a set of blocks will cause some toy soldiers to blast the blocks, knocking the player down to a lower level of the board. Landing on the Happening Space on top of a present in the middle of the board will cause a Jack-in-the-Box to catapult unsuspecting players to a different space on the board at random. Landing on the Happening Space in front of either train station will let the player ride the toy train for one full circuit, collecting coins coming out of the engine along the way.

[edit] Story Mode

In Story Mode, Bowser and Koopa Kid would attempt to replace Toy Dream with their own nasty dreams. The player(playing as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy, or Waluigi) would appear to stop them. Bowser would have Koopa Kid split into 3 different colored Koopa Kids in an attempt to overwhelm the player. Once the player defeats all 3 Koopa Kids, Bowser and the original Koopa Kid would escape to try and ruin another dream. The battle against the 3 Koopa Kids would take place on a much smaller version of the map.

[edit] Trivia

It is quite possible that this board was inspired by Shy Guy's toybox from the game Paper Mario.

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