Towering Treetop

Towering Treetop

Overview of Towering Treetop board map during the day.

Game board is in Mario Party 6
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type Normal
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Towering Treetop is one of the 6 board maps in Mario Party 6. There is a massive tree in the center of the board that branches out allowing players to take different paths. There are countless Green Spaces(known as Happening Spaces in previous Mario Partys) on this map with different effects depending on where you land on them. The Green Space on the bottom level near the tree will have the player use a giant feather to tickle the big tree's nose to try and coax out a sneeze. If the tree does sneeze, all other players will fall to lower parts of the board unless they're already on the lowest level possible for where they're at. Green Spaces around the beehive right before the slide leading to the lowest level of the board will make bees come out and a certain, random number will attack the player, causing him/her to lose an equal amount of coins as to how many bees attacked. Another Green Space a little before the beehive area will reveal a Koopa who asks you if you want a free fluff ride. If you say yes, then all you need to do is pick a fluff and it will carry you to another area of the board at random. You can choose to decline this if you don't need the ride at the time. The Green Spaces near the top of the board next to the smaller tree at the top will cause the tree to drop down a present on all spaces across the board. If it's during the day, then all players will receive a random amount of coins, depending on how many fall on his/her current space on the board. The same will happen at night, but instead of coins, small spike balls will strike all spaces and players will lose coins equal to the amount of spike balls that hit him/her. There's a Boo house just below the top level on the board. If a player passes by it during the day, nothing will happen. If the player passes by it at night however, Pink Boo will appear and offer her services to the player by stealing coins from someone else(for 5 coins) or stealing a Star(for 50 coins) from someone who has one.
The main effect day and night has on this board are the flowers at the 2 far ends of the board.(east and west) Hitting them just right can let you take a shorter path. During the day, the blue flower will be closed while the pink one will be open. They will swap states during the shift from day to night and back again. The transition from day to night will cause the tree at the top of the board to become nice(in the day) or mean(during the night) The tree at the top is a remake of the 2 special trees that appear in Woody Woods in Mario Party 3.

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