[edit] Enemy Bio

[edit] Appearance and Personality

A Toady is a enemy similar to that of a Shy Guy. It wears a long red robe that almost covers it's hands/wings. It has a long yellow nose, and wears old reading glasses, it usually has one tooth sticking out at the end of it's mouth. It also has propellers on the top of it's head that enable it to fly. A Toady is very scared when yelled at by a superior, which it often is. Toadies are very fragile, and seem to be a very weak species in the Mario Universe.

[edit] Video Game Appearances

Toadies have appeared in several Mario games which are: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story, and Yoshi's Island DS. In almost all of the games the Toadies usually don't show up unless Yoshi gets hit, or touched, by a near by enemy, or object, which then causes Baby Mario, or whichever baby, is on Yoshi's back to fall off his back, and into a bubble that floats around, then a timer slowly counts down, when it reaches near the number zero several Toadies swoop down and grab Baby Mario, or whichever baby, is on Yoshi's back, taking him to Bowser's Castle, thus triggering a game over. The exception to this is when in Yoshi's Island, a Yoshi dies he is picked up by several Toadies, and then taken to Bowser's Castle, that Yoshi, is no longer playable then, unless rescued by obtaining a good Shy Guy of a certain color, and using the good Shy Guy, on the Yoshi select screen. Toadies are also mentioned in Mario Party 5, and Mario Party 6, though mistakenly mixed-up with Magikoopas in Mario Party 5 calling an item that resembles a Toady, a Magikoopa Orb, when it is later called a Toady Orb, in Mario Party 6. Toadies are again mixed-up with Magikoopas in Mario Party Advance in a mini game called Broom Zoom, in which it says that Toadies use brooms, when Magikoopas do. Toadies also appear as shop owners in Mario Party 8.
Toadies as they appear in the German version of Club Nintendo.

[edit] Comic Appearances

Toadies appear in a issue of the German version of Club Nintendo, in which they are a Magikoopa's (rumored to be Kamek.) assistants. Toadies in the comic look slightly different than they usually do in the games, they are more plump, and have mouths that look more like a type of birds beak, and they're faces look much more expressive than how the Toadies do in the games. The sleeves on they're robes are much shorter and more puffy. Whether they're wearing shoes or not they're feet, or shoes, appear to be red instead of they're usual yellow feet. Also they are not wearing the typical Toady reading glasses, and they appear to have actual hands, instead of just smoothed out wings.

[edit] Future

Toadies usually only appear in games going back to Mario, or other characters baby-hood. Unless more of these games are created, Toadies will probably only appear in the Mario Party, or other Mario sports game series.

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