Toad House

Toad House seen in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Toad Houses were mushroom-shaped buildings that would first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3. They could be found in each world except for [{Dark Land]]. They would appear in more recent games. They would hold rewards for players or a useful surprise.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] Super Mario Bros. 3


When inside of a Toad House, a Toad will appear on the opposite side and present the player with three Treasure Chests that contain a different item. In earlier worlds, they will hold more basic power-ups like the Super Mushrooms or Fire Flowers, while later worlds will hold Tanooki Suits and Hammer Suits. The player can only open one chest, after that the Toad House will disappear.

In World 1-3, if the player presses and holds down on the white block, Mario or Luigi will go behind the level's objects and be able to go behind the black background at the end of the level. This will take the player to a secret Toad House and collect the Warp Whistle.

As well if a player collects a certain amount of coins in a particular level of a world, a White Toad House would appear(blue in later remakes). These Toad Houses would contain a single chest that contained the P-Wing item in the odd-numbered worlds, and the Anchor in even-numbered worlds.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros.

They would return in New Super Mario Bros. on the world map. They would sometimes require Star Coins to open up(or completing a bonus). They would disappear after being used but once the Mario Bros. had completed all eight levels in the game, they would reappear and become permanent. This would allow for the player to collect 99 lives and infinite items to help in finding all of the Star Coins. There would be four varieties of the Toad House:

[edit] Power-Up Toad House

The Power-Up Toad House would have a red mushroom on the world map. A Giant Roulette Block would alternate between a Mushroom, Fire Flower, Blue Shell and a Mini Mushroom. Depending on what it stops on after being hit by one of the Mario Bros., it would be stored as a back-up item. If they had a back-up item already then the item with less or equal value would be the backup item and 1000 points would be awarded instead.

[edit] 1-Up Toad House

Capped by green mushrooms, the 1-Up Toad Houses would have six ? Blocks inside. Three of them would contain a 1-Up Mushroom card. One would have a 1-Up Mushroom X3 card, which is 3 1-Ups. Another would have X2 card and one would have a Bowser card. The X2 card would double all cards currently revealed, while Bowser would end the minigame.

[edit] Mega Mushroom Toad House

Mega Mushroom Toad Houses would look like a Mega Mushroom. When they entered the house, Toadsworth would create a Giant ? Block and would contain a Mega Mushroom inside. It would be put in the item slot. Mario would need to pay five Star Coins to gain access to the house. This house would not return in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

[edit] Blue Toad House

One Blue Toad House could be found at the start of World 1 after beating Bowser and saving Princess Peach. Inside it would have blocks with different designs and these could be used as different backgrounds for their DS' touch screen and cost 20 Star Coins each. When all have been collected, a fifth background could be chosen.

[edit] Bonus Toad Houses via Flag Fireworks

At the end of a level, with the last two numbers of the time limit being the same, three things will happen: Classic Super Mario Bros. "Level Clear" theme would play, fireworks would go off and a bonus Toad House would appear. Time limits ending in 11,22, or 33 would have a Power-Up Toad House appear. 44, 55, and 66 would have a 1-Up Toad House, and 77, 88, 99 would have a Mega Mushroom House appear. None would stay permanent, not even after completing all levels of the game.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii would not require Mario to collect Star Coins to open Toad Houses. Instead, the player would unlock them when a certain level is completed. There would also be a Toad House that appears at the start of the World if Fireworks are triggered at the end of the level. This can be accomplished by rescuing a Toad in single player or all players reaching the flagpole when the last two digits of the time limit are the same. The last two digits of the time limit would also tell how much fireworks would set off and each one would add 4,000 points to the game score. Once using the Toad House, the player will get a tip. If a player uses a 1-Up House, they will get a message about visiting Peaches castle to watch Hint Movies. There are three types of Toad Houses that appear. Red, Green and Yellow. Red is the Power-Up Panels, green is the 1-Up Blast and Yellow one will give him a Starman.

[edit] Power-Up Toad House

Power-Up Panels would appear in Power-Up Toad Houses. A player will need to match two of the same items to get the item. If two Bowser or Bowser Jr. tiles pop up, then the game ends and Mario will keep the items that he earned from the game.

[edit] 1-Up Toad House

The 1-Up Toad House would have the 1-Up Blast. It can be played by hopping into a cannon and the player will need to shoot and pop the balloons.

[edit] Star Toad House

Star Toad Houses would have a Star inside of a chest. These are much rarer to find.

[edit] Bonus Toad Houses via Flag Fireworks

These Toad Houses would appear at the start of each world by using the same strategy as New Super Mario Bros. In multi-player mode, this strategy would stay the same, but there would be no Mega Mushroom Toad Houses, instead Star Toad Houses would appear in place.

[edit] Super Mario 3D Land

Toad Houses would return in Super Mario 3D Land. They can be used for friends to send gifts to the Toad House by using Streetpass. The number of power-ups that can be received through Streetpass Presents will depend on how many times the player has Streetpassed with that 3DS. The highest number is 5 power-ups at a time. The red Toad Houses will provide Mario with power-ups that will help the hero on his journey. P-Wings can occasionally appear as well. Without the StreetPass, only Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers and Super Leaves can be collected. One blue Toad House will appear in World 3 where the player will get an album on the letters they receive.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

Toad Houses can be found in New Super Mario Bros. 2. The player will need to collect Star Coins in the levels to be able to gain access to the Toad Houses and get to choose power-ups.

[edit] The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

The Toad Houses are actual places of residence for the Mushroom People in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Toad's house would be used frequently for the series. The commercial buildings would also be shaped like Mushrooms.

[edit] Paper Mario series

[edit] Paper Mario

Paper Mario would have Toad Houses be used as a place for Mario and his partners to restore their HP, FP, and SP. They would appear in most towns and be run by a Toad. In later Paper Mario games, Inns would replace the Toad House.

[edit] Mario Sports Mix

In Mario Sports Mix, they could be seen in the background during the tournament mode of the Mushroom Cup.

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