Species Pixl
Role Sidekick
Relations Unknown
First Appearance Super Paper Mario
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as a Sticker)


[edit] Background

Tippi was originally a human girl named Timpani, she descends from the Tribe of Ancients. One day when she was walking, she found an injured man lying by a cliff. His name was Blumiere. He was a descended from the Tribe of Darkness. Though Timpani's people do not like his kind, she helped him and nursed him back to health anyways. After awhile, the two fell in and decided to get married. Blumiere's father heard of this and didn't want his son to marry an Ancient. So they just decided to marry in secret. But Blumiere's father also heard of this, he then put a curse on Timpani that would separate her from Blumiere. She was banished to the dimensions forever. But she was found, but barely alive, by a wizard named Merlon. She make sure her "true form" survived, Merlon transformered Timpani into a Pixl, Tippi. But all her memories as Timpani were lost and she has no memories of her past.

[edit] Personality

Tippi kind of has a reserved personality, which is shown by most of her sentences ending with "...". She also often talks about her past life.She is very caring and kind. She is also not easily embarrassed.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

She didn't have any known powers as a human, but as a pixl she can she invisible objects and make them visible for other people. She can float in the air. She can also use her tattle ability to tell Mario about people and enemies, like Goombario and Goombella in the past two games.

[edit] Other Information

  • Her name comes from the name "tip". Which might be referring to her tattle ability.
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