The Koopinator

Koopinator in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Max HP 25
Attack 5
Defense 2
Location(s) Glitz Pit
Log A member of the elite forces of the Koopa clan. Its pair of red eyes is its most charming feature. After charging its attacks, it deals devastating blows, so watch yourself!
Items None

The Koopinator or the Razor Blade Brigadier, is a character from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a Dark Koopatrol that joins the roster for the Glitz Pit. He is considered the highest ranked member of the arena's major-league and is only surpassed by the champion Rawk Hawk.

Mario first encounters him when he travels to Glitzville in search of the Gold Star for Chapter 3. Upon entering the arena, Mario witnesses an official match between the Koopinator and the Champion, Rawk Hawk. Rawk Hawk manages to defeat Koopinator with little effort to defend his title. This fight would play a keyrole in Mario joining the Glitz Pit as he would see the Gold Star on the champions belt.

After Mario defeats the Armored Harriers and joining the major-league, the Koopinator is seen in the major-league locker room and sometimes gives advice. When Mario finally reaches #2, the Koopinator can be fought in an official match. If Mario is to defeat him while obeying Grubba's instructions, he will become the top-fighter in the major-league and will have a shot at fighting Rawk Hawk.

The Koopinator can be re-fought after Chapter 3, if the player decides to join the Glitz Pit once again to reclaim the title of champion.

[edit] Physical Appearance

He looks similar to a regular Koopatrol. Most of his body is covered by metal, with only his arms, tail, and lower jaw showing the Koopa's orange tone. He wears a dark purple shell with pointy spikes. He has red glowing eyes, which are his "most charming features", according to his Tattle Log.

[edit] Personality

He appears to abide by a stern warrior code due to his remarks from Chapter 3. He goes by a strict training regime and often speaks calmly with a degree of honor. He mediates before battles, as seen before his match with Mario. When he's defeated by Mario, he reacts with anger and vows to avenge his defeat.

[edit] Tattle Log

Field Tattle: "That's the Koopinator. He definitely looks tough. When we fight against him, it'd be a good idea to have a strategy from the get-go."

Battle Tattle: That's a Dark Koopatrol. These guys just totally ooze toughness, don'tcha think? After it charges up power, its next attack will be devastating. Try to survive it. It's almost like those red eyes are there to warn you just how tough it is... Or maybe it just doesn't get much sleep...

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