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The Teleporter is a teleporting object found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is located in the X-Naut Fortress and leads to a room in the Rogueport Sewers, which will allow the player to use to go back and forth with, when necessary. Sir Grodus, Lord Crump and the rest of the X-Naut legion would use it for the same means as well.

When Mario has defeated Magnus von Grapple 2.0, Mario and company find TEC, who explains that Princess Peach is in the Palace of Shadow and requests that Mario saves her. Mario would agree but explain there is no way off the moon, TEC would use up the abandoned's Foretess's power to activate himself and then transfer all of his energy to the Teleporter for Mario to use and return to Rogueport.

Once back in Rogueport, Mario's partner asks if they can hear anything, but Mario would say no. The Teleporter would break down and can no longer be used to go back to the moon until the final boss is defeated.

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