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Hi everyone,

I wonder if we should try to avoid having the individual game hubs look too much like the main page. I think a page more like a mix between and the original Mario Kart Wii here would be more accessible because the information is right there.

Perhaps a blend between the current page with its Major Projects + News organisation, the earlier Mario Kart Wii page, and some of the other hubs like the MGS ones would yield the best balance?

Just a suggestion. I think the direction you're going in now is interesting, but the small Pages section makes the information seem less accessible to me.


To Redemption

I think that its good if game pages look like this, but they also look pretty nice like this. I know what you mean about it looking too much like a main page, but imo it looks better like this and links to other important pages on character, items, and such.



It may seem like the page is too much like the Main Page, but other Wiki pages are too cluttered with information, I prefer the layout like it is now, maybe if there was a color scheme?



I see what you're getting at Redemption, I'll look it over tonight and see if there is a way to have the information on the main page, without cluttering it up too much. :)

I think that, perhaps there could be links underneath the header leading to the various pages of information we have, maybe that would help a little?

Rune Ripper


Yeah I think the situation is that the links to the other detailed pages are hard to spot at first glance. Also because it looks so much like a main page I get slightly disoriented initially. I do feel you should put back some of the introductory material but not do away with this new concept altogether. It's about finding the right balance - and the idea of putting some of the links at the top should help tremendously.



Alright, I'll see what I can do and I'll try getting the links below the header.

As for the fact it looks more like a main-page, I'll try to stop that, I'll put the games background back in, some of the games information and whatnot.

Rune Ripper