Super Strikes (SMarioStrikers)

Only captains can pull off this ultimate shot, and only when shooting the ball from the opposing team's territory. This very powerful shot counts for two points if it goes in! However, during the beginning of this shot you are susceptible to opposing team attacks. Try to do this move when no opposing players are in the area.

Step One- Once you've fully charged your shot, a gauge will appear on-screen. Press the B button as soon as the white needle enters the green section of the gauge.

Step Two- Another green band will appear on the right of the gauge. Use your best timing skills, and press the B button once the white needle enters this new green area.

Step Three- If you pull this off, you'll trigger a Super Strike. Perfecting the Super Strike depends on your timing and ability to stop the white needle in the green bands of the meter. Master your timing and prepare for a monster shot on the goal!

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