Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario

PAL Box Art

Developer Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s) North America: April 19 2007
Europe: September 14 2007
Rating(s) 3+ (EU), E (ESRB - NA)

Super Paper Mario is the 3rd installment of the Paper Mario Series, it's a 2-D, side-scrolling platformer, with an added twist, press a button to go 3-D! Adding a whole new perspective to the game which helps you complete puzzles and find hidden items.


[edit] Plot

All is quiet in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario and Luigi are bored, they set out to see Princess Peach, but just as they walk out their house, a terrified toad rushes up to the brothers, and tells them Peach has been kidnapped. Mario and Luigi suspect Bowser, and set off to his castle to retrieve Peach. Meanwhile, Bowser is actually making a plan to attack Peach's Castle and kidnap her, but gets interrupted by the Mario Bros. during their confrontation with Bowser, Count Bleck, a dark figure shrouded in a purple cloak appears with a caged Peach and takes Luigi, Bowser and Bowsers army away to another dimension leaving Mario unconscious. Mario wakes up to the calling of a small, butterfly like fairy, called Tippi, she explains herself as a Pixl, and takes Mario away to his adventure!

[edit] Gameplay

Players control characters by turning the Wiimote sideways, like Excite Truck or an NES controller. Pixls such as Tippi and Tiptron give the player the option to point to the screen using the remote to identify features and find hidden objects. Super Paper Mario is like other Paper Mario games, combining RPG and platforming game styles. The hub “Flipside” allows Mario and his team to talk to characters, rest, shop and visit other worlds. The other world “Flopside” is quite similar, and only found in the second half of the game. It includes improved shops and items. Unlike other Paper Mario games, there are no turn-based fighting. Players face their foes face-to-face like a normal Mario platforming game. This means that experience gains, special items and the amount of damage dealt can increase. The traditional scoring system used is the experience point system. Jumping on enemies and shaking the Wiimote will give the player extra points. Players can also collect Catch Cards for the major characters and enemies. If a player owns an enemy card, damage done to that enemy will double. The “paper” Mario (two dimensional) can be transformed (“flipped”) into the three-dimensional Mario once a power early on in the game has been obtained. The entire level is rotated to a 3D third-person view. This means obstacles that may have been blocking the 2D progress, can be walked around, and hidden blocks/enemies may appear. Mario can only spend a short amount of time in 3D form before he beings taking damage. Some side-quests eliminate this problem entirely. Mario and his team gain powers from “Pixls”. These powers can include turning sideways to slip through cracks, planting bombs and hammering large blocks. Players will not only control Mario, but also control Princess Peach, Luigi and Bowser. These characters, along with the Pixls, can be switched any time during the game. In the game, players work through 8 chapters, which are split into 4 sections. The second and final level end with a boss fight. Every chapter but the last have a similar goal, collecting a “Pure Heart”. This heart is used to unlock a door in the Flipside for the next chapter. Save points are located throughout the Flipside and between sections. Should the characters health drop to 0, the player must begin at the last save point. A player can return to the Flipside at almost nay point in the game, but they will have to restart the unfinished chapter afterwards. However, players can return to any finished chapter. Side quests are only available to players who can access these areas using Pixls and new characters.

[edit] Controls


Hold sideways like Excite Truck Wiimote.

  • D-Pad Up – Actions (talking, opening etc.) and walking forward (in 3D)
  • D-Pad Down – Guard/Duck/Walk backward (in 3D) and special attacks
  • Left – Walk left
  • Right – Walk right
  • A button – Switch dimensions, skip dialogue
  • + button – Pause game and open menu
  • - button – Display controls
  • 1 button – Use a Pixl
  • 2 button – Jump, float using Peach’s umbrella, select/use an item
  • 1 and 2 buttons – Press these simultaneously to show the quick controls
  • Wiimote Pointer – Point at the screen to use Tippi’s find and tattle abilities
  • Shaking – After jumping on something, you pause in the air for a moment. Shake the Wiimote for stylish points added to your overall score.

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