Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2
SML2 Game.jpg
Released: NA: 1993
Available For: Game Boy

[edit] Overview

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins was the second Super Mario Land game. The sequel to Super Mario Land, it introduces the character of Wario.

[edit] Story

After rescuing Daisy from Tatanga over in Sarrassaland, Mario heads back to his homeworld, Mario Land, only to find that it's been taken over by a man named Wario. According to the manual, Wario had been jealous of Mario's popularity ever since they were boys, and had tried to take over the castle numerous times before. while Mario was off in Sarrassaland rescuing Daisy in Sarrassaland, he took over Mario's castle and put the residents of Mario Land under a spell. He also scattered the six Golden Coins, which are being guarded by the hypnotized residents. These golden coins are needed in order to get into the castle. So Mario sets out to collect the six golden coins, get into the castle, and put a stop to Wario's plans.

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