Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

The North American box art

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Gameboy Color
Release Dates Japan - March 1, 2000

North America - April 30, 1999

Genre Platform
Rating (E) Everyone

[edit] Background

Super Mario Bros., the adventure that revitalized the video game market over 15 years ago, has returned -- this time souped up for Game Boy Color. Gameplay is largely unchanged, except with the addition of hidden items in each level; can you find them all? You may also compete with a friend via Game Link cable. A calender feature is also available, and the artwork in the game pak can be printed out using a GBC Printer.

[edit] Gameplay

Play as either Mario or Luigi in the classic side-scroller adventure that started it all on the NES. Make your way through many traps and enemies, and defeat the evil Bowser to get to the missing Princess Peach. There is also a Challenge mode, where you must achieve certain objectives in each level of the game. Can you get them all?

[edit] Features

  • The quintessential side-scrolling platform game
  • Easy controls
  • Red coin challenges on each level
  • 8 worlds packed with flowers and free lives
  • 2-player competition via Link Cable

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