Super Mario Advance

Super Mario Advance

Mario Advance Boxart.
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Platformer
Release: North America- June 11, 2001

Super Mario Advance was the first of the 4 Mario Advance titles released for the Game Boy Advance, they each have a remake of a classic NES Game, with updated sound and graphics. Each came bundled with the classic Mario Bros., which you could link up and play with friends. There are four playable characters Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad.


[edit] Gameplay

It has a really nice game play; the game is so easy to pick up. The game isn't too hard, you could complete it in 5-15 hours depends on how fast you are. It's a really fun addicting game you could complete it a few times before getting bored. The controls are easy to grasp even if you don't read the manual.

[edit] Controls

A button - Confirm selection or jump
B button - Cancel selections, Life and throw enemies or items or dash
L button - Change the camera angle
R button - Dash
Start button - Pause your game
Select button - Change the camera angle
Control pad – Move

[edit] Multiplayer

It works like the old Mario Bros the first one to get so many coins wins you can knock each other into enemies to lose life’s gain power ups and even choose the difficulty level.

Also if you want to play the classic Mario Bros alone you can play it 1 player and see how far you can get. The stages change as in get harder so be on your toes.

[edit] Characters

These are the characters playable in the game are:

Stats: Power-4 Speed-4 Jump-4
Mario is good if you are new because of his balanced stats, the majority of the people prefer Mario over the rest.

Stats: Power-3 Speed-3 Jump-5
He has a great jump most people choose him because of this. Also he has fairly good speed and power.

Stats: Power-5 Speed-5 Jump-2
Has great power and speed and has really poor jump.

Stats: Power-2 Speed-2 Jump-3
Peach is weak all round, she's best at jumping though. When holding down the jump button she floats for a limited time. I recommend using her as little as possible.

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