Strong Hider

Strong Hider
Species Ghost
Ally King Boo
Max Weight 13w
Debut Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)
Ghost Container Description "Now that these ghosts have been augmented by the crystals, capturing them is even trickier. It's best to wait until they show themselves to stun them."

[edit] Description

Strong Hiders are Hiders who like the other Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon have been strengthened by the Crystal's in the Secret Mine. The Crystal's have made them them into better Hiders, and have toughened them making them harder to catch. Like the other Ghosts strengthened by the Crystals, they have taken on a veined appearance.

[edit] Defeating Them

Defeating Strong Hiders differs very little from regular Hiders, the key is for player's to quickly flash Luigi's light at them while visible. This can most easily be done by watching where they go to hide and then investigating. After they are found they will pop up for a bit stunned, allowing Luigi to flash them and suck them up. Despite them being rather easy to defeat they are harder then normal Hiders because of their greater weight. Players must look for them and find them quickly or they will throw objects.

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