Strong Greenie

Strong Greenie
Strong Greenie.png
Species Ghost
Ally King Boo
Max Weight 10w
Debut Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)
Ghost Container Description "The Crystals of the mine have really changed these charming fellows. They're now much stronger and more able to get into shenanigans. Don't let them get equipped!"

[edit] Description

Strong Greenies are Greenies made much more powerful by the Red Crystals in the Secret Mine. Even though the normal Greenie is very troublesome already, the Strong Greenies are even more troublesome and also enraged. Being hit by a Strong Greenie will allow Luigi to lose much more health then by a normal Greenie. The effects of the Crystals have made their once clean green sheen, to take on a veined look. Not only are their attacks more powerful, but they are also much tougher taking much longer to suck into the Poltergust 5000.

[edit] Defeating Them

Defeating them is exactly the same as defeating a normal Greenie except players will have to be more careful to avoid their attacks. If players encounter an armed Strong Greenie they can wait until he attacks, avoid the attack, and stun him while he is vulnerable. They can also be stunned while they are taunting however, just like a normal armed Greenie. Unarmed Strong Greenies are still relatively easy to defeat since they can be stunned and sucked up at any time (as long as they are in range of the flash).

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