Storeroom Key

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The Storeroom Key is an item obtained in Paper Mario. When Mario rescues the third Star Spirit, Skolar, he will go back to Toad Town and notice havoc has happened in Toad Town as Shy Guys randomly appear and cause trouble. They would steal items from the people of Toad Town. When Mario approaches Harry T.'s shop, a Shy Guy would run out of his store. Mario would find out that the Shy Guy stole Harry T's key to his storeroom. The key can be found in Shy Guy's Toy Box.

When Mario is in Shy Guy's Toy Box and approaches the room where the Storeroom Key is, Kammy Koopa will fly in on her broom and use her magic to either place an enemy or item to "guard" the Key. What will appear, depends on what Princess Peach's decisions for what Mario dislikes during Chapter's 3 end. Though Kammy isn't sure if Mario really hates what she places, but she has to follow her orders from Bowser. When Mario finally recovers the Storeroom Key and gives it back to Harry T., he will allow Mario to enter the Storeroom. This is required for the story to progress as inside the Storeroom, is the Toy Train. The Toy Train will allow Mario to travel from one station to another in the Toy Box.

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