Star Bit

Star Bit
A few Star Bits

Star Bits are a collectable item found in the games Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Players can collect them by running into them with Mario or by using the Star Cursor as a very efficient means of collecting them. If Mario obtains enough he will gain a life, they are also used to feed Hungry Lumas when which fed enough will transform into a Launch Star for Mario to use. These typically lead to secret planets where Mario can complete a task for a Power Star. Star Bits are very common in both games and it is possible to collect 9999 of them. After the player obtains this amount they will unlock a minor secret. Aiming with the Star Cursor players can also shoot Star Bits at enemies to stun them for a short time. While stunned Mario can defeat them by running into them. Star Bits can only stun smaller enemies such as Goombas however, and will not work on larger or stronger foes. Mario can also use Star Bits to buy items from Blue Hungry Lumas when they are encountered such as a 1-UP.

A bunch of Star Bits around Mario

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