Stadiums (SMarioStrikers)

The Palace- At one time a royal family residence was built here, so it is a stadium with a great tradition. The exterior presents a classic grass field with surrounding moss-covered walls, adding to the mystique of the proud name. This stadium has hosted many Battle Cup finals, and it is a must-see stadium for true sports fans.

Pipeline Central- A large capacity stadium built in honor of Mario and Luigi. This stadium sports one of the most unique designs within the league as it is constructed of pipes in a unique design, and the pipes are used for ventilation and a sound system. Located miles in the sky, Pipeline Central is the highest elevated field in the history of the sport.

The Underground- Funded by Wario and Waluigi, The Underground is located somewhere beneath the depths of the city. This stadium has one of the largest capacities within the league and visually has a W-shaped trim that circles the seats. Wario and Waluigi are both undefeated in cup play within this stadium.

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